The Crystal Ball Newsletter

Beginning with Issue No. 1 (May 1973), the NCC has published a newsletter related to Cambridge glass and activities of the organization. In the early days of collecting, this newsletter was one of the primary sources of information on Cambridge glass. Today's collector has at his/her disposal many publications on both Cambridge and other companies. However, you will find that the older articles preserved herein contain a lot of extremely useful information not found anywhere else.

In most issues, there is a detailed article relating to some phase of Cambridge glass, such as a study of a particular pattern, or historical information about the company. In addition, there are advertisements (classified or partial to full-page) from dealers and individuals with glass for sale or pieces wanted. Click here for advertising rates and terms.

Delayed Posting

The Crystal Ball Newsletter is one of the benefits of membership in the National Cambridge Collectors. Because of this, the Board of Directors has decided to publish electronic copies of the publication on a delayed basis. Therefore, this page will be updated in June and December with the previous six months worth of issues.

An open invitation

The NCC invites all collectors who are willing to share their knowledge about Cambridge glass to submit articles to our newsletter editor ( who will be most thankful for the help. By sharing your stories and knowledge, you help to preserve and disseminate information to future collectors. If you take the time to read some of the early (1970s) articles, you wil see how fellow collectors helped to promote interest in Cambridge collecting, and increase the knowledge base for us all.

Articles from past issues of Crystal Ball

We have archived many of the articles on Cambridge glass from those back issues of the Crystal Ball, and they may be accessed either by perusing the TABLE OF CONTENTS BY YEAR, or by using our SEARCH ENGINE which allows you to find all articles containing a particular word or phrase. The search facility will examine selected Crystal Ball articles from Issue No. 1 (May 1973) to the current issue.

Webmaster's NOTE: To print any of the articles, set your page margins to ½" all the way around (top, bottom, sides).

Electronic Crystal Ball

Beginning with the January 2005 issue, the Crystal Ball was produced in electronic (PDF) format. The good news is that all electronic issues are available in full, but the bad news is that the search facility can't search through them. The Electronic Crystal Ball is stored in PDF format, so you will need the Adobe Reader® to view it. If you don't have the Adobe Reader (which is supplied with nearly all new computers) you can obtain it for free from the Adobe web site.

A word of WARNING - the Electronic Crystal Ball is often quite a large file, and can take quite a long time to load on a slow internet connection. The larger issues are marked (***) to allow those with slow connections to avoid them if desired.

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