Museum Holiday Open House Report

Ethel Stasny It was a wonderful open house today! We were worried that it wouldn't be busy with the rain, but it started at 10:30 and was wild until 4:30. However, one of the best moments for me was meeting Ethel Liptak Stasny who worked in the Selecting Department at the CGC. She is 86 and her friend was 90. Those gals toured the entire museum and Ethel found her name in the payroll records. Here she is pointing to her official "CGC Selecting Department" photo on display in the etching room. She was thrilled to say the least. (Click on image for larger photo)

Museum Holiday Schedule

The Museum is closed during the week from November through March, but it is open on weekends in November and December Noon to 4:00PM.

Sneak peek at next year's Convention

We have a theme already for the Convention - HOLLYWOOD! The only change to the schedule from last year is an earlier opening of the Glass Show on Saturday morning. So the Glass Show schedule looks like this:
    Friday June 24th from 1:00 - 5:00
    Saturday June 25th from 10:30 to 4:00
The Glass Dash will be held on Saturday the 25th and the hours remain 7:00 - 11:00 with the same Early Bird and General Admission. Refer to our Convention page for complete details as they become available.

October 11 - November Program is approaching

We hope you'll be able to join us at the November meeting and learn about the items newly marketed in 1945-1954 by the Cambridge Glass Company. The registration deadline of October 17th is rapidly approaching. Have you sent in your registration form to participate in the November Membership Meeting and Educational Program?

For those Friends of Cambridge arriving to Cambridge early, there is plenty to do. Several quality antique shops and malls are located within an hour or so of Cambridge. The Dickens Victorian Village performers and scenery will be waiting to delight you, including an actual Dickens relative making an appearance. Yes, there are Victorian-era activities being planned at the NCC Museum, and other locations during the weekend of the Program, and subsequent weekends.

Notice the 'Giving Works' logo at left

This logo takes you to an eBay site where you can make a donation to the National Museum of Cambridge Glass using PayPal. We'll leave it there, just above the link to the eBay store where we sell publications and memberships via eBay.

TWO videos of the NCC Museum !

During the month of June, the museum hosted crews from two different television stations. The first visit was from "New Day Cleveland" - a show from FOX 8 Cleveland that travels around the state of Ohio and features interesting places. They have given us permission to include the portion that features our museum.

The second visit was from Cable 2 and the crew of their "Talk of the Town" show. Again, they visited the Museum and gave us permission to include the portion that features the NCC Museum.

NCC wishes to thank both Fox 8 Cleveland and Cable 2 for the visit and the videos. You need to wait until the video loads (30-40 seconds) and you may have to adjust the sound. Both videos really showcase our Museum.