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The NCC, through various volunteer researchers, has built a comprehensive set of publications related to the Cambridge Glass Company. These books, pamphlets and Catalog reprints help to preserve the heritage of the Company as much as the physical Museum. Purchasing these reference books is a great way for collectors to learn about the various shapes, colors, etches, and variety of Cambridge glass that was produced over the years.

Most of the books listed below are available online at NCC's eBay Store. You can place an order and pay using PayPal®. Although not all of the books are initially available, we are adding items to the store and hope to have everything available soon. There are also other items for sale at the eBay store, so check it out for yourself.

If you'd prefer not to use the eBay store, you can use the good old US Postal Service. To place an order, print out a copy of the Publication Order Form suitable for filling out and mailing in. You need the Adobe® Reader software, and if you have an old version of the Adobe Reader, the form may not print correctly. If that is the case, simply follow the link below and download the latest version (free). The Publication Order Form provides the shipping details and the address where you can mail payment. (Most modern computer systems come with the Adobe Reader already installed. However, if you don't have it, you can download it here for free).

NCC Members receive a 10% discount on these publications.
1910 Nearcut - 108-page reprint of original 1910 catalog. No value guide $14.95
1930-1934 Cambridge Glass Company Catalog Reprint
250 page reprint of original catalog. Paperback with 2000 value guide
1933-34 Index for above Catalog $2.00
1949-53 Catalog - 300-page reprint of 1949 thru 1953 catalogs. Paperback - NO value guide $19.95
Caprice - 200 pages, paperback; lists all known pieces, color, decorations, reproductions, etc. (No value guide) $19.95
Colors in Cambridge Glass II (2006) - 128 pages, 60 color plates
NOTE: Printing problems resulted in color reproduction not looking good in the final printing. As a result, NCC is offering the book at a substantial discount from publisher's retail price of $29.95. NCC Member price: $17.95
The Decorates Book - B&W Paperback, 136 pages (no value guide) $14.95
Etchings by Cambridge Volume 1 (2006) - by the Miami Valley Study Group - Revised and expanded by Mark Nye
102 pages, covering etchings from Cambridge Catalogs. Paperback, (no value guide)
The Non-Cataloged Etchings - B & W Paperback, 70 pages (no value guide) $12.95
Cambridge Rose Point by Mark A. Nye - SECOND EDITION (2007) - 146 pages, fully indexed book listing Rose Point from several sources: catalogs, trade journals, price lists, etching plates, and other surviving company records. No value guide. $19.95
Etching Booklet, Blossom Time - B & W, Paperback,; 26 pages (NO value guide) $7.95
Etching Booklet, Candlelight - B & W, Paperback,  30 pages (NO value guide) $7.95
Etching Booklet, Chantilly - B & W, Paperback,  44 pages (NO value guide) $7.95
Etching Booklet, Diane - B & W, Paperback,  53 pages (NO value guide) $7.95
Etching Booklet, Elaine - B & W, Paperback,  64 pages (NO value guide) $9.95
Etching Booklet, Portia - B & W, Paperback,  57 pages (NO value guide) $7.95
Etching Booklet, Wildflower - B & W, Paperback,  42 pages (NO value guide) $7.95
Cambridge Rock Crystal Engravings - Fully indexed book providing information and many illustrations of the known Cambridge rock crystal engravings. Several informative appendices and catalog page reprints.
B & W Paperback, 120 pages, (NO value guide)
Cambridge Rock Crystal Engravings - The Listings
A companion book to Cambridge Rock Crystal Engravings, it provides specific information regarding the blanks upon which each engraving was placed.
B & W Paperback, 94 pages No value guide

There is no discount on the following publications.
The Glass Candlestick Book - Volume II - by Tom Felt and Elaine & Rich Stoer. Volume II:  Fostoria thru Jefferson. Hardback, 348 pages, full color $24.95
The Glass Candlestick Book - Volume III - by Tom Felt and Elaine & RIch Stoer. Volume III:  Kanawah thru Wright. Hardback, 384 pages, full color $29.95
1903 Cambridge Glass Company Catalog Reprint by Harold and Judy Bennett. 106 page reprint of an original catalog. B & W Paperback. No Value guide $5.00
Cambridge Glass 1927-1929 by Bill and Phyllis Smith. Paperback 66 page reprint of original catalog (with 1996 price guide). $9.95
1940's Cambridge Glass Co. Catalog Reprint - 250 page reprint of the largest Cambridge catalog: January 1, 1940. Comes in a three-ring binder. No value guide. $25.00 
Reflections by Degenhart Paperweight and Glass Museum. A 45 page book giving a history of all 18 glass companies in Guernsey County. Paperback, with pictures. $5.00
Cambridge Ohio Glass in Color by Mary, Lyle and Lynn Welker. 15 color plates of choice pieces of Cambridge glass. 6" x 9", 30 pages spiral bound.  No Value guide $5.95

To place an order, print out a copy of the Publication Order Form, which has instructions for ordering and the address where you can send in payment.