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Annual Glass Show - June 24-25, 2016

Pritchard Laughlin Center Each year the NCC sponsors a Glass Show in conjunction with the Annual Convention, at the Pritchard-Laughlin Civic Center in Cambridge, Ohio (see map). The show features a number of quality dealers, some of whom only exhibit at this show. While there is an emphasis on Cambridge glass (obviously), the products of many of the other American glass manufacturers are also to be found.

The 2016 Glass Show & Sale features glass by Cambridge, Heisey, Imperial, Morgantown, Fenton, Duncan Miller, Tiffin, Westmoreland and much, much more. Come join us for one of the best and prettiest Elegant glass shows in the area. Held at the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center, Cambridge, Ohio. Exit 176 off interstate 70 .

Show Hours: Friday, June 24 - 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. , Saturday June 25 - 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission $5.00 - Good for both days - Print this page for $1.00 discount - Tickets paid for and picked-up at the door.

NCC Welcomes New Dealers

Convention attendees in 2016 will meet many new dealers at our 2016 Glass Show and Sale, including some of the premier glass experts in the country. As of the June CB deadline, there are nine new dealers at the show with the chance of one or two more before show time. We are pleased to welcome back three past year dealers who are really excited about this year's Convention. They include Dave and Linda Adams from Las Vegas NV, Barbara Wyrick of Columbus OH and Bill & Yvonne Dufft from Shillington PA.

Our brand new dealers come from all over the country. They include Leegh and Michael Wyse from Oregon. Leegh is an active member in the NDGA, serving as their Historian and Chair of their Nominating Committee. In last month's issue of the Crystal Ball, we announced the appearance of Helen and Bob Jones from West Virginia and they will both be guest speakers at our Convention.

The central US is well represented by Jonathan Fields from Independence MO and David Hollingshead & Adam Headley from Kansas City KS. Jonathan is actually a second generation dealer. His Dad John (with wife Dovie) was the Show Chair of last year's NDGA Convention in Kansas City and John serves on the NDGA Board of Directors.

Making the journey up from the Florida coast are Paul and Yvette Berube. I know them well from the old Great Northeast Show in White Plains and they always have interesting glass. And, making the “journey” from Mount Vernon OH is Tom Meloy. He was very excited to set up at our show and we look forward to having him this year.

With so many new dealers, we ask all of you to please go out of your way to meet them. Please welcome them to our Convention and hopefully, patronize their booths so they will join us again in 2017. We will be saluting and introducing them all at our Thursday night cocktail party.

Three of last year's dealers will not be able to join us this year: Les Hansen, Kathy and Autley Newton and Priscilla Southworth (who will be at the NDGA Convention in Tiffin OH three weeks after our Convention). Les and The Newton's have conflicts this year, but hope to be back with us in 2017.

The Glass Dash - Saturday June 25, 2016

St Benedict's School Each year at the NCC Convention, there is an off-site sale known as the "Glass Dash." This event begins at 7:00 AM in St. Benedict's Gymnasium in downtown Cambridge, and lasts only until 11:00 AM that same morning. Dealers have only one or two tables, and they can only begin unpacking their glass when the "Dash" opens at 7:00 AM. Traditionally, this event was supposed to be for collectors to be able to sell off some parts of their collection that were duplicates or no longer wanted. However, in recent years, the preponderance of sellers are regular glass dealers, offering a subset of their regular merchandise. Generally speaking, the glass sold at the "Dash" tends to be nearly all Cambridge.

Admission to the Glass Dash depends upon when you arrive. For the first hour (beginning at 7:00 AM), the early bird admission is $10.00, while those arriving after 8:30 AM pay only $4.00. St. Benedict's Gymnasium is located at 220 North 7th Street in Cambridge, Ohio (see map).

If you are interested in setting up as a dealer at the Glass Dash, contact Larry Everett or Frank Wollenhaupt.