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History of the NCC Auctions

The National Cambridge Collectors has been holding an annual fund-raising auction every year since 1974, with the only exception being 1978. This activity has been one of the most important methods of bringing in money to support the National Museum of Cambridge Glass. In addition, the auction has been a great place for collectors to find some pretty spectacular pieces of Cambridge glass to add to their collections.

On this page, you will find a link to summary pages which show the results of all of the past auctions. You will also find links to some articles from the past that may prove interesting and are of historical significance. Each of these are in PDF® format

Finally, there is a list of the results from all of the past auctions. Some of the results pages are a little difficult to read, as they are sometimes scans of hand-written results, but they are useful for observing the relative prices of Cambridge glass items over the years. These, too, are in PDF® format.