2014 Auction - Group Photographs and Results

The 2014 Auction is history. Here are the Final Results in PDF® format.

The Miami Valley Study Group has once again provided photographs of nearly all of the individual auction lots. Here is a link to their album of individual photos of 2014 auction items. Our thanks go out to Dave Rankin and the MVSG for their efforts. Be sure to check out the MVSG web site, as it contains information on Cambridge glass that won't be found here, or anywhere else on the web.

Amethyst Selection
Candlesticks Selection
Caprice Selection
Carmen Selection
Crown Tuscan
Crown Tuscan Selection
Forest Green
Forest Green Selection
Misc Stemware
Miscellaneous Stemware Selection
Rubina & Sunset Selection
Special Items
Special Items Selection
Sports ware
Sports Ware Selection
Statuesque Selection