Annual Benefit Auction for 2006

The Annual Auction for 2006 was held on March 4, and consisted of 398 lots of Cambridge Glass, some shown in the photographs on this page. Below is a set of group shots, with similar items posed together. Click on the thumbnail photograph to see a larger image.

We have also saved off the results of the 2006 Auction in PDF format. To view the listing, you'll need the Adobe® Reader. Most modern computer systems come with the Adobe Reader already installed. However, if you don't have it, you can download it here.

Group Photographs of 2006 Auction Items
06auctiongroup1.jpg 06auctiongroup3.jpg 06auctiongroup5.jpg 06auctiongroup6.jpg 06auctiongroup7.jpg
06auctiongroup8.jpg 06auctiongroup10.jpg 06auctiongroup11.jpg 06auctiongroup12.jpg 06auctiongroup15.jpg
06auctiongroup16.jpg 06auctiongroup17.jpg 06auctiongroup18.jpg 06auctiongroup19.jpg 06auctiongroup20.jpg
06auctiongroup21.jpg 06auctiongroup22.jpg 06auctiongroup23.jpg 06auctiongroup24.jpg 06auctiongroup25.jpg