A Virtual Convention? Well, sort of ...

We had to cancel this year's NCC Convention due to the pandemic. Plans and commitments must be made months in advance, and conditions were simply not stable enough at the time those commitments were due.

So, what do we do? The answer: a Virtual Convention - well, sort of ...

The board has come up with three ZOOM sessions on the three consecutive nights when the Convention would have been held in Cambridge. The first will be the ZOOM and Tell session on "Moonlight and Willow Blue" that is normally held on the third Thursday, but this month it is the opening session of our Virtual Convention (Thursday, June 24, 8:00pm EST).

The second session, the following night, will be the Annual Meeting of NCC. Each of the committees will provide reports on what they are currently doing, and what they are planning. In addition, the results of the election of officers will be announced. (Friday, June 25, 7:30pm EST).

Finally, on Saturday night, we normally have a banquet to close out the Convention. The tradition is to bring a favorite Cambridge stem to use with your favorite beverage. So the ZOOM session allows us to get together and show off our favorite stem in an informal "bring and brag" mode. (Saturday, June 26, 7:30pm EST).

Here is the ZOOM link for all of these meetings. For those who can't use the link, here is the information:
      Meeting ID: 928 7737 4137
      Passcode: 368254
Welcome to the first Virtual Convention. Next year we'll celebrate in Cambridge with a traditional in-person variety.

Check out another video of the Cambridge Museum

Patrick Deering, a collector and dealer, has made a great video of his visit to the National Museum of Cambridge Glass and has given permission for us to post it here. He really shows most of the Museum. This should entice those who haven't yet visited to "Come on down."

Next ZOOM topic will be Moonlight & Willow Blue

This session is actually part of our Virtual Convention, therefore it is on the fourth Thursday this month. After this, we wilol revert to the third Thursday.

You don't have to be a member to participate. The Zoom session opens on June 24 at 7:45 to allow for socializing before the real session begins at 8:00pm Eastern time. The topic for discussion is "Moonlight & Willow Blue." Click on the ZOOM logo at left to receive an email with detailed instructions.

NCC's ZOOM sessions are open to everyone, not just members. They always prove to be quite interesting, and you get to see pieces that are scarce, if not rare. Join us on the third Thursday of each month.

Alas - Convention has been CANCELLED

At the meeting on March 14, the Board of Directors reluctantly made the decision to cancel this year's Convention. The board has to make commitments ahead of time for the facility, caterer, displays, dealers, etc., and with the uncertainty surrounding the COVID situation, it seemed the best decision to cancel. This was also done in consideration of our dealers having to travel from many different places, plus the attendees also having to travel. We all hope that the restrictions that are in effect will lessen the spread of the virus and that the country will return to "normal" very soon. Hopefully, we will be able to finally hold the all-Cambridge Auction in the fall.

Auction Postponed to October 9

The Board of Directors has decided to postpone the annual All-Cambridge Auction until October 9, 2021. This is obviously due to the current situation with the corona virus.

"ZOOM and TELL" Programming

Since November 2020, NCC has sponsored a "Zoom and Tell" session on the third Thursday of each month, and this will continue in 2021. The first two were quite successful, and we invite you to participate in future sessions. Each session includes time for dialogue and viewing an assortment of glass related to that month's topic.

The goal of our "ZOOM and TELL" is to provide collectors an informal opportunity to share information about their favorite pieces of Cambridge glass based upon a specific theme. Enjoy fellowship with your other Friends of Cambridge; and "ooh and ahh" over all shared glass. This is for everyone, so if you live in New York, or California, or points in between, make time to join us if you can. You do NOT have to be a member of NCC to participate in the session.

To receive an email message with all of the details for the latest month's "ZOOM and TELL," simply click on the ZOOM logo at the left of this page.

TWO 2020 videos of the Museum

We are proud to offer two new videos of the Museum, thanks to a grant from the Cambridge/Guernsey County Visitors and Convention Bureau. The short version lasts less than a minute and provides a quick overview, while the long version runs a bit over four minutes and provides a more detailed look inside the Museum for 2020. Enjoy them both.

A web site just for the Museum

The site is designed to attract the leisure and group tour market and allow motorcoach companies easy access to museum programs and tour information, making the museum an attractive option for booking tours. It is not for the serious collectors. This new website was paid in full with funds from the Cambridge/Guernsey County VCB GAP Grant. Here is the link to the new Museum web site.

THREE VIDEOS of the Museum

Here is a video of the National Museum of Cambridge Glass, featuring our volunteer Director of the Museum, Cindy Arent. The video gives an excellent overview of the Museum, and should be an enticement for those who have never visited. We hope you will enjoy viewing it.

The second video comes from the Stranathan family. Their great-grandfather and great-great grandfather made the first piece of Cambridge Glass, the Big X pitcher. This video is special, in that the kids take you on the tour, and they do a fantastic job!

The third video was privately made by Patrick Deering for his series of You Tube videos. It is an especially good tour through the whole NCC Museum. We would like to thank him for giving permission to us to post the video. Here's a link to his site: Trusty Huckster Mercantile.

Membership renewal on-line

Thanks to everyone who renewed promptly upon receipt of the Annual Fund mailing in April. If you have overlooked your renewal, you should be receiving a reminder letter in the mail soon. You can use the "Make a Donation Giving Works" link at left to make your Annual Fund donation online, saving you time and avoids writing and mailing a check. Clicking on the link will direct you to the Paypal Giving Works page where you privately enter the payment information and the amount of your donation. NCC receives 100% of your contribution as a donation without the overhead expense of credit card processing.