At the Quarterly Meeting in November 2011, a large gathering of Friends of Cambridge were treated to a wonderful Program showcasing one of the most collected patterns of glassware ever created - Rose Point. The Rose Point program was recorded on film as it unfolded, and a DVD has been compiled and skillfully polished into a professional product that does an excellent job of capturing the elegance of its topic.

The DVD has several attractions, including the main portion where Lynn Welker provides a wide-ranging discussion of the creation and history of the various lines and unique items this DVD Cover image etching graced. A slideshow segment displays photographs set to music with identification titles for most of the items available from the Program. The stemware photographs show each stem in scale while remaining items show in a consistent size window. This portion is an excellent resource for beginning collectors in search of identifying a correct stem or product line as well as a refresher for everyone.

The next portion showcases an interview with Effie Tom, who worked in the Etching Department of Cambridge Glass from 1945 until 1950. She is shown speaking about her duties as a paint girl and then as a print girl in several of the decorating shops.

Finally, Lynn describes and identifies a variety of items that were brought to the always interesting Show and Tell portion of each Quarterly Meeting.

This informative and enjoyable Rose Point program and information is an excellent gift for a fellow collector for birthdays, anniversaries, study group meetings, and other events. A limited number of DVD's were produced - and sales were good during the March auction - so be sure to reserve your copy today by sending in a completed order form.

The cost of the DVD is $19.95, plus $3 shipping. NCC members are entitled to a 10% membership discount ($17.95 + shipping) . Copies will be available by completing the Rose Point DVD order form and mailing it to the address provided. You may also secure your copy of the DVD from the museum gift shop.