Have A Heart

by Georgia G. Otten
Issue 310 - February 1999 and Issue 311 - March 1999

In the world of collecting there are many double collectibles, some of which would apply to Cambridge glass. For the "Carnival Glass" collectors, elusive examples of Cambridge Carnival are sought. There are the "black glass" collectors for whom Cambridge glass could supply any number of wonderful examples. And there are enthusiastic collectors of golf related items who would be thrilled with a piece of Cambridge etched with the Golf Scene. So I thought, with Valentine's Day approaching, what about HEARTS? Sure, everyone has one, but what could we find in Cambridge for those collectors who love hearts?

My first choice for heart-hunting was the Etchings by Cambridge book. Being an optimist, I readied some paper to list all the etchings Sweetheart stem I could find with hearts. Ooops ... not SO many. Found one, E743! Looking into other sources I thought I would surely find e Rock Crystal engraving which included a heart ... didn't see any! Okay, back to the etchings book. I decided to expand a bit and look for a "stylized" heart within an etch. With a little imagination, or maybe a lot, true lovers of hearts could see their passion in the Apple Blossom Etch #744, the Blackberry Etch #756, the Bordero Etch #744, and numbered Etch 741. (By now, all readers should have the etchings book in hand) And where else did the Cambridge Glass Company offer a heart? For the "stem collector" of the world, your heart can be found in Line #3795, Sweetheart (shown at right).

It is so much fun to consider the infinite possibilities to this collecting passion, so have a wonderful Valentine's Day and for your Cambridge collection, why not "Have a Heart."

Heart Addendum
Issue 311 - March 1999

This addendum to the "Have a Heart" article (February 1999) illustrates a point that we already know. No matter how many times a person (myself in this case) looks in the Cambridge books, that person can never see everything. You have to go back again and again. Even then, something may be overlooked.

I had finished writing the "Heart" article, or at least I thought so, and I was looking for a new idea to write about from somewhere in the Cambridge books. That is when came across the first of my three oversights pertaining to hearts.

First to the Caprice people, I apologize for not letting everyone know you have a HEART! It is the lovely #169 6" HEART. Second apology goes to the Nearcut #2631 Marjorie people. You have not one, but two hearts for your collection! There is the Card tray "Hearts" and the Handled Olive, "Heart Shaped." And one more item I found. For whomever, an apology for not mentioning tho Cambridge four-piece game set. One of the tumblers has a HEART foot (in Carmen!).

I wonder ... are there any more Cambridge Hearts? If you have one, let the Crystal Ball hear from you, cause we all need to HAVE A HEART!

Caprice heart Nearcut heart Heart tumbler