Hard Work and Hope ...

Progress in the Flood Recovery Continues
Issue 305 - September 1998

NOTE: There were many photographs that accompanied this article, and for the benefit of our members on slow connections, we have moved the photographs to a Museum Flood Slide Show page. We suggest you read this article and the corresponding articles from August 1998, then view the slide show in its entirety.

The National Cambridge Collectors' Museum of Cambridge Glass on U.S 40 east is closed for the season due to the severe flooding that could be seen in the last issue of the Crystal Ball. A total depth of 65 inches of floodwater filled the museum. The building incurred extensive damage and will never be used again to display glass. Establishing a museum once again may require a new location and will take much time and extensive preparation.

The club thanks all the members and friends for their assistance and contributions throughout this flood recovery period. Many people volunteered countless hours under extreme conditions.

Crystal Ball Article is dedicated to the preservation and study of Cambridge Class and as the president, Rick Jones, stated in his message last month, "A museum is a cornerstone to a collector's club." Our "club" must remain open and accessible to the community. Therefore, a temporary museum has been established in a booth located at the Penny Court Antique Mall, 637 Wheeling Avenue, Cambridge, OH. Through the hard work of some of the local members, a colorful display of Cambridge glass has been arranged. Former museum items are available for sale such as: books about Cambridge glass, convention souvenirs made from Cambridge molds, copies of original glass company pamphlets, and membership forms. Many people are visiting the NCC Museum booth and are purchasing items. The club is remaining visible.

Cleanup work is still going on as can be seen in the photographs [in the slide show]. Many people are still putting in long hours. We are thankful for their dedication and appreciate their time and effort.

Cambridge, OH, is not the only place where hard work is going onto help in this time of flood recovery. There have been two major shows (one in Texas and one in New York), so far, where word has been spread about our museum's plight. Photographic displays and numerous conversations have been helpful. Thanks to those individuals who have helped in that endeavor. See the President's Message on page 3 for more details on these efforts. [NOTE: In his message, President Jones thanked the N.D.G.A. Show for over $1,500 in donations, and the Great Northeast Show for over $2,000 in donations.]

In the coming weeks and months there is much to be done. You will be getting regular updates in future issues of the Crystal Ball.