Repros & Logos

by Bill Hagerty
Issue 302 - June 1998

How many of you collect CROWN TUSCAN? Out on the collector's trail there are a few new pieces made from the original Cambridge Glass formula and called Crown Tuscon. Most of the pieces are being made in the molds of other companies such as Westmoreland.

I talked with P. J. Rosso Jr., of Wholesale Glass Dealers in Portvtue, PA, for permission to publish what he sells. I explained that we are just trying to keep the Cambridge collectors informed as to what is being made. The following is list of what is being sold in Crown Tuscon. (NOTE the "O" in "Tuscon")

5" cat on ribbed base
5" chicken with split tail on woven nest
3 1/4" bottoms up whiskey glass with coaster
2 1/2" John Bull style eyecup
2 1/2" solid glass bulldog
5" rooster with split tail on ribbed base
9" standing rooster
7 pc. fan & file miniature punch set
2" raised ribbed style eyecup (also made in Vaseline)
5" standing rooster
3" covered chicken
4 1/2" rose slipper
5" chicken on wide rim base
1 1/2" round English hobnail salt
5" ring and petal butterdish

[NOTE: The following three photographs appeared in the October 1998 issue of the Crystal Ball, under the same title, from Bill Hagerty. They show three paper labels on Cambridge items. At left a Rose Point paper label, at right, a Valencia paper label, and below that, a Rock Crystal paper label. All three examples may be seen in the Museum. The bottom photograph shows a page from the catalog of Wholesale Glass Dealers in Portvtue, PA. ]

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