Cambridge and the 1930's - Part II

by Mark Nye
Issue 298 - February 1998

The material in this article was taken from the pages of China, Glass & Lamps and Crockery & Glass Journal and first appeared in this format in the 1995 Convention Souvenir Booklet. This article continues from where last month's article stopped. Illustrations are provided for some of the items covered. The interested reader will find illustrations of the others in the 1930-1934 Cambridge catalog reprint. Where needed, clarifying words and/or comments have been added and enclosed in parentheses ().

September 1931 - Mount Vernon - This Early American pattern is a brilliant Crystal line by Cambridge. Inspired by worthy tradition and executed with true craftsmanship, it lends itself vary naturally to the Early American dining room ensemble.

September 1931 - Above is some Cambridge glass dinnerware, their No. 3400 line, combined with which is the No. 3035 stemware shape. Both feature the Gloria pattern. While Crystal is shown in the illustration, this may he had in the full range of Cambridge colors, outstanding among which is their brand new Forest Green.

October 1931 Cambridge Announces the No. 3011 Figure Stem Line. It's a Sure Hit! Just the line for a holiday leader. Comes in various color combinations with foot in crystal. Patent has been applied for on this outstanding and beautiful line. Get particulars now.

November 1931 - Speaking of heatherbloom, the factory (Cambridge) has a short line of dinnerware, stemware and a few odd pieces in this new color, which is so exactly the shade or the heatherbell. And it may be had either plain or decorated with the Apple Blcssom or the Gloria etchings

November 1931 - And certainly not to be overlooked are the stemware and the line of fancy pieces with the "figure" stems - These graceful feminine figures in pure crystal, holding on their uplifted hands the bowl of the stemware item or the fancy piece, represent something out of the ordinary and possess both beauty and distinction.

Diane Etching 3122 Goblet December 1931 - DIANE continues the Cambridge leadership in etchings - Dainty and artistic, it is emphasized on the new and patented 3122 stemware shape.

December 1931 - Brand new for 1932 is the No. 3400 ball shape line ... Other pieces in this line include jugs, decanters, ivy balls, puff boxes. tumblers. oil and perfume sets. The colors in which the line is made are crystal, amber, peach, forest green, emerald, royal blue, amethyst, ebony, gold krystol, heatherbioom and willow blue.

January 1932 - The Cambridge Glass Co. has its Pittsburgh sales room in the Koppers Building, midway between the Fort Pitt and Wiliiam Penn Hotels and made their own display rooms a part of the (Pittsburgh) show. Among the outstanding features was an array of "Chintz" (etched) vases, bowls, plates and compotes in deep blue glass (royal blue) encrusted with small figures in either gold or silver. ( See Catalog Page) There were all sorts of decorative pieces in etched crystal, too, with edge lines of green. blue, black or red, and for the Bicentennial there was a line of smoking items with stripes of red, white and blue. The "Alhambra" was another unusual line of smokers' items. They were in ebony and decorated with a Scotch plaid effect in red. green, and orange on the rim, (E756 is one of the etchings done on Royal Blue and gold/silver encrusted.)

June 1932 - Martha Washington Glassware. In Cambridge reproductions of authentic Early American patterns. A full and complete line obtainable in sparkling crystal, the antique colors of amber, royal blue, forest green, and ruby and in the modern colorings, Heatherbloom and Gold Krystol.

September 1932 - The Chicago showrooms of the Cambridge Glass Co. are displaying the "Crown Tuscan" Line which has been received with muoh interest since its recent announcement. This opaque glass with its rich cream-like color is offered in a wide choice of fancy and table pieces including vases, bowls, side-dishes, ball jugs, etc. This Cambridge line carries a hall-mark on the bottom of each piece after the manner of dinnerware. This hall-mark consists of a crown with the name "Tuscan." (This came from a "news" column and not a Cambridge advertisement. The description of the Crown Tuscan color is rather misleading and the statement about each piece being signed with the "Crown" mark is in error. Perhaps all early pieces carried the "Crown" mark but certainly later production was not signed in this manner.)

October 1932 - Sweet Potato Vases. Beautiful rich green foliage in the home may be had by the ordinary sweet potato, practical, inexpensive. Instructions for growing sweet potato vine: Imperial Hunt Scene Cut sweet potato at one end to fit top rim of vase. (The sweet potato was to lie horizontally in top of vase. - See Advertsement) Fill vase with water covering half of the potato and keep at this height. Put near window so potato will get plenty of sunlight or daylight. In two or three weeks you will grow a sweet potato vine that will last for months. These beautiful vines are more desirable than ivy, as the foliage is equally attractive and grows in much less time and is much less expensive. Vases furnished in Forest Green, Ruby, Amethyst, Royal Blue.

Valencia and Minerva

October 1932 - The Imperial Hunt etching by the Cambridge Glass Co. on their new Tally Ho patented line is pictured at right. It is made in a complete pressed stemware line ranging from the 18-oz. goblet to a 1-oz. cordial and also in fancy tableware and novelty pieces in a range of the Cambridge colors as well as crystal.

April 1933 - Valencia continues Cambridge leadership in etching. The beautiful lattice work is set off with a bowknot effect. This etching is particularly striking on the new No. 3500 Gadroon patented shape. In stemware and accessory pieces. (Also introduced in 1933 was Minerva but little mention of it was made in the trade journals. The etchings are quite similar, and are shown at left.)

October 1933 - One of the new lines to be brought out this fall by the Cambridge Glass Co. is their Everglades. It is to be had in colors of Crystal, Eleanor Blue, Forest Green and Amber with a few pieces in Carmen.