Metal-Handled 64 oz. Doultons

by Joseph A.A. Bourque Sr.
Issue No. 290 - June 1997

Dear Reader,
It has been a long time since I last wrote an article about Cambridge glass.

The Cambridge glass trademark is usually described as a C in a Triangle. I think of it as a Triangle with a C in it. Therefore, I title my articles as: Triangle-C Finds.

Recently I received a splendid gift which I care to share with you. It's a Cambridge Ohio Glass Company 3400 Line pitcher, 64 ounces, with amethyst coloration. It's a Doulton Style and Pinch Type combination. It has a fancy chromed metal handle. It sits on a chromed metal base. The condition is mint.

Although it's not a rare item, I find it worthy of writing about since I am unable to find any reference material. The Doulton jug is quite an alluring Triangle-C gem. The metal handle with bracket and bracing neckband are a perfect fit for the jug blank. Note the points of contact where bare metal rests on the thin glass midpoint of the Doulton pitcher, and upon the delicate rim of the collar. I think it would be risky to use it. Anyone who owns one of these must treat it gently. (See Figure 1.)

Recent Find: Figure 1
A 3400 Line 64-oz. Doulton Pinch Pitcher with a metal handle and base. It is quite heavy. This jug is not listed in the Crystal Ball 3400 Line compilation. Do you know the 3400 Line number for it?

Breakdown and Acanthus Leaf: Figure 2
Doulton This is what it looks like when taken apart. Do you recognize this Acanthus leaf design on the top of the handle? The handle is of solid silvery metal and causes the pitcher to be heavier than a glass handled one.

The handle itself is made of a solid, heavy silvery metal. The neckband, nuts, bolt, and base are brass. (The chromed base is held to the pitcher by a light gray compound.) Notice the curved top and curled end of the stylized Acanthus leaf atop the handle. If you can't relate to it, look at some of the handles in the Krome Kraft book (Julie Sferrazza) or the Farber Brothers' catalog. Their Acanthus leaves are similar. (See Figure 2.)

The factory which made Krome-Kraft products for several Cambridge glass products was the Farber Brothers firm of New York City. As a rule, they signed their products. There are no identifying marks on these metal parts.

I thought this vessel would be listed in the particularly useful 3400 Line compilation in the Crystal Ball of September 1981 arranged by Mark Nye. I did not find it listed.

Doulton Style jugs are of the 3400 Line. They are not found to be abundant. Pinch Type items are not plentiful either. There are but two Doultons and two Punch items in the entire listing.

I did some research in an attempt to locate data regarding this 64-ounce jug with the puzzling history, but with negative results. Number 154 of the listing pertains to a 14-ounce Pinch mug (see Welker's Book 11-12). 1 wondered if there was a No. 154 pitcher to go with this mug. Research disclosed that a No. 154 Doulton Pinch pitcher did indeed exist; however, it was a 76- ounce one (1940 Cambridge catalog - 67 & 412; Colors in Cambridge Glass plate 32-1-2).

In measuring this vessel, it was filled to the neckline. It held exactly 64 ounces. When filled to the brim it held 71 ounces. DoultonIt is not a 76-ounce pitcher. (See Figure 3.)

Doulton Pinch Pitcher Blank: Figure 3
It holds 64 oz. when filled to the neckline, 71 oz. when filled to the brim. Stripped of its metal component parts, this is what you may come across, with a metal base or without it.

This pitcher never had a glass handle applied to it. The surfaces of it are unexplored and in a pristine, glossy state.Doulton The back of the collar, which would normally be applied to the end of the upper part of the handle, has never been worked on. (See Figure 4.)

Dear Readers, I would appreciate hearing from those of you who have a Cambridge 64-ounce Doulton Pinch pitcher with or without a metal handle so we can share it with the membership.

Until the next Crystal Ball,

(The pitcher was a birthday gift from daughter Darlene and her fiance Patrick. It was purchased at auction as a piece of "Nash" glass.)

3400 No. 154 Pinch Mug: Figure 5 (below, left)
In the Crystal Ball 3400 Line compilation, No. 154 listed a single item, a 14 oz. Pinch mug (Welker Book 11-12).

3400 No. 154 Doulton Pinch Pitcher: Figure 6 (below right) This Doulton Pinch Pitcher, 76 oz., can now be added to the 3400 Line compilation, along with the No. 154 Pinch mug.

Pinch mug Pinch Doulton