From the Circular Files: 3400/41 Cocktail Bowl & Liner

Issue No. 281 September 1996

January 15th, 1932

We will furnish the #3400/41 Cocktail Bowl and Liner in Color Novelty Decorations on crystal, using both the Tomato and Orange on the 5oz Liner and a Lobster on the 4oz Liner. The Lobster decoration will also be made on the #968 Cocktail & Liner.

The Orange and Tomato will be the same treatments that we have used on the 3135-5oz Tumbler, with the "Fruit" on the 5oz liner and with a matching Orange and Red bands on the Bowl. The "Lobster" will be done in red on the 4oz liner with red band on the bowl.

A 3-piece set can be made using one bowl in Red Decoration with one each "Tomato" and "Lobster" Liner. (Prices are per Dozen)

  • 968 2-pc Seafood Cocktail Set
    D/Lobster 22.50
  • 3400/41/42 2-pc Juice Cocktail Set
    D/Orange 20.00
    D/Tomato 20.00
  • 3400/41/43 2-pc Seafood Cocktail Set
    D/Lobster 20.00
  • 3400/41 3-pc Set (Bowl D/Red Band)
    (5oz Liner D/Tomato) 30.00
    (4oz Liner D/Lobster) 30.00
  • 3400/42 5oz Tumbler
    D/Orange 10.00
    D/Tomato 10.00
  • 3400/43 4oz Tumbler
    D/Lobster 10.00

H. A. Lovelady