Rock Crystal Promotion

by Mark Nye 
Issue No. 279 - July 1996

Sometime during the 1950s the Cambridge Glass Co. had a special promotion sale featuring at least 11 rock crystal engravings on four different items. In conjunction with that promotion at least seven "catalog type" pages showing hurricane lamps, celery dishes, relishes and crescent salad plates were prepared and issued. It is reasonably certain these pages were not catalog pages per se. That is, they were not issued as supplements to the 1949 Cambridge catalog nor are they part of a yet undiscovered catalog. However, how and to whom they were distributed has not been determined, nor has a more precise time frame for their issuance.

Some of the engravings were well-established patterns dating as early as the 1930s while others had been introduced during the 1940s and 1950s. No. 723, No. 919, Adonis, King Edward, Belfast, and Laurel Wreath date to before 1940. The pattern Manhattan went into production sometime between 1940 and 1949 while Lynbrook, Thistle and Harvest were probably introduced during late 1949 or early 1950. Jefferson at this time is somewhat of a mystery. However, its style indicates an introduction during the early to mid-1940s.

Engravings Nos. 723 and 919 had not remained in the Cambridge line from the time of their introduction until these items were made. It appears these two designs were revived for this promotion. Adonis, King Edward, Belfast and Laurel Wreath do appear to have remained in the Cambridge line for most, if not all, of the time between their introduction and when these pages were issued.

In the case of Manhattan, it is only the candlestick base that is cut. The hurricane shade is plain. As shown in the illustrations, all of the remaining candlestick bases are cut Manhattan. It is the hurricane shade that carries the listed pattern. For instance, the No.1613 17-inch hurricane lamp engraved 723 has its base engraved Manhattan and the shade engraved No. 723. Whether or not they were sold this way or with a plain candlestick and engraved shade has not been determined. All have the standard Cambridge No. 19 bobeche and eight prisms.

It is doubtful a collection featuring one each of every item shown on these seven pages could be put together without much difficulty, if at all. For those who want to try and for those who just want to know what Cambridge did produce, the seven pages are reprinted here on pages 4 and 6 thru 11.

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