Hidden Treasures - A Dream Come True

by Rich Bennett
Issue #274 February 1996

In last months article I referred to "a dream come true." This pertains to an area where I found an Amber prism sign - partially broken. It was the one that I found late in the afternoon. I had to wait a week before having the time to dig again.

This was the dig that was meant to be! After only a few minutes of digging, a Moonlight Blue prism sign surfaced. It was intact! Continued digging. Not only was there Moonlight Blue, but also Light Emerald, Peachblo and Crystal. A total of seven prism signs were found, including some with gold letters. Two of them were perfect (although scratched).

The dig not only produced prism signs, but also sterling overlay and enameled pieces. Unfortunately, these were broken pieces of tableware. But for me, a very good sign for what might lie ahead. The sterling overlay piece appeared to be a plate in Bluebell with a cut-out 1¼" sterling band with an unknown etching in the open areas throughout the band.

The enameled pieces consisted of an Ebony humidor with a red enameled art deco design, a Light Emerald bowl with black and orange rings, a Primrose vase with a black enamel band, and a light blue plate etched #73 with a dark blue enamel in the etching. There also was a round Crystal divided relish with the flower decalware pattern.

The day continued producing many different items, but enough was enough - there'd be another day. Within 24 hours I was back at the dump. Amazing as it sounds, the day started out like the one before. Another SIX prism signs were found, including two in Amber, near perfect, with gold letters. The colors that I found seem to be from the 1920s and before.

After countless hours in the hot Sun looking for glass in the dirt, a guy needs a great weekend like this one. Its what keeps me going back for more. And there IS more to come ... A Second Dump Found!