What Ho! Stimulators

by Mark Nye
Issue No. 268 - August 1995

In keeping with the theme of the recently concluded 1995 Convention, the following is taken from the December 1931 issue of China, Glass and Lamps. The text of the advertisement reads as follows:

"Much ingenuity in decoration has been used by American glassware manufacturers in endeavoring to aid stimulation of trade. Fourteen Trade advertisement ounce tumblers have been very popular in homes, clubs, and gathering places and the seven-ounce tumbler with the heavy bottom also has had a variety of uses.

As its contribution to those occasions of more or less popularity, the Cambridge Glass Co., Cambridge, Ohio, has worked out an extensive line of decorations on its seven and fourteen ounce tumblers. Five of the decorations are illustrated. These are applied to the two sizes of tumblers and come in a choice of color combinations on crystal glass.

The designs are applied by a special process and will not come off. The 14-ounce tumbler to the left, is one in red and black and is quite expressive. The dog on the first seven ounce tumbler is in black and the lines are in red and blue. The feathered animal motif in the center has wording in black with lines in green. The smaller tumbler with the title 'Three Canny Scots' is done in black decoration. The polo motif is in green with parallel bands of red below.

These are only a few of the items in this line made by the Cambridge Glass Co. in their new decorating process. Others are quite as interesting."

The items described in the preceding and seen in the illustration taken from CGL appeared, with a number of others, on a 1931 supplemental catalog page captioned "Sport Novelties."