Venus Table Set

by Sue Rankin
Issue No. 235 - November 1992

Every day in newspapers and magazines, on radio, TV and billboards, we are bombarded by advertising. Companies and their advertising people are constantly trying to find an angle, a hook, or some means of convincing us to part with our money.

Venus De Milo statue The Cambridge Glass Company was no different, although perhaps classier, than today's advertisers in their attempts to persuade the consumer to buy their products. Thus, in January 1933 they issued circular letter #44-1933. This circular letter details the components of the Venus Table Set. The "Venus" name was specifically applied to the 518 figure flower holder. It is also interesting that this set incorporates items from several lines.

A thorough review of trade articles, advertising and Cambridge catalogs yields no other reference to this table set or the name "Venus". We can only speculate why Cambridge decided to use the "Venus" name in this circular letter. The original inspiration for this figure might have been the "Venus de Milo." Careful examination of both the figure and the picture of the "Venus de Milo" shows that the hairstyles are very similar. The shoulder positions are similar. The Cambridge lady is more modestly covered, but still has a drape which pools around the feet.

Perhaps, due to the similarity, Cambridge personnel coined the "Venus" name for ease of reference just as Cambridge collectors use the name "Draped Lady" today.

Circular Letter #44 - 1933 - Page 2
Cambridge Venus Table Set     Carmen        Carmen     Crystal, F. Green
Royal Blue, Amethyst
Crystal, F. Green
Royal Blue, Amethyst
31 Piece SetPer Doz
In Set
Per Doz
In Set
4 pcs 3011 Table Goblets 22.507.5015.005.00
4 pcs 3011 Tall Sherbets 22.507.5015.005.00
4 pcs 3011 Cocktails 22.507.5015.005.00
4 pcs Mt Vernon Crys. Service Plate 13.754.5513.754.55
4 pcs 3400/61 - 7 1/2in Tea Plate 7.505.005.751.90
2 pcs 3011 Cupped Comports 30.005.0022.503.75
2 pcs 3011 Ash Trays 22.503.7515.002.50
1 pc 3011 Cigarette Box 45.003.7530.002.50
2 pcs 3011 Candlesticks & Bobeche & Prisms 67.5011.2560.0010.00
1 pc Venus Flower Holder - Crystal 15.001.2515.001.25
1 pc 3400/4 Ftd. Bowl 37.504.4021.251.75
1 pc 1402/52 Ice Pail, handle & tongs 40.003.2526.252.20
1 pc 1402/51 Cocktail Shaker w/#4 Top 127.5010.6590.007.50
LIST PRICE PER SET - Service for 4 (31 pcs) 71.65 52.95
LIST PRICE PER SET - Service for 6 (41 pcs) 86.45 63.70
LIST PRICE PER SET - Service for 8 (53 pcs) 105.00 77.00
LIST PRICE PER SET - Service for 12 (73 pcs) 134.60 98.45
Service for 8 and 12 includes 4 ash trays.
Amethyst Service has Crystal Ice Pail & Crystal Cocktail Shaker.

We thank Carl Beynon for providing a copy of the circular letter, Charles Upton for the inspiration and Dave Rankin for creating the catalog page to illustrate the items.

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