No. 1067 Stemware

by Mark Nye
Issue No. 232 - August 1992

No. 1067 stemware, brought out by Cambridge in January 1954, is identical to No. 1066 except for the ball in the stem. In the case of No. 1067 the ball is perfectly smooth. Orders for the stem molds were not recorded until January 1954, but it is highly likely work had already begun on the molds. Circular letters dated early January 1954 and sent to Cambridge agents, promoted the line engraved Lyric, Sylvan and Empress. From a production log, we learn the line was cut Flame during the week ending January 23, 1954.

1067 drawing Until recently, the only evidence that No. 1067 stemware was produced during the reopened years, was its inclusion in the special order replacement service offered during 1956. It has now been learned, through discovery of an illustration in the June 1956 issue of China, Glass and Tablewares, that regular production was, at the very least, scheduled to resume during Summer 1956. This illustration, reprinted with this article, is the only known illustration of No. 1067. Based on the caption, it seems the name Helene refers to the complete item, not just the decoration. Close examination of the border reveals the etching used is probably No. 700.

Since neither No. 1067 stemware nor Helene appeared in the 1956 Cambridge catalog or October 1956 price list, it would seem either the line was never put into full production or was produced for only a short time during Summer and early Fall 1956.

The No. 1067 stemware line consists of goblet, tall sherbet, cocktail or wine, cordial, footed ice tea and a footed juice or claret. As far as known, the line was never etched, except as Helene, and was made only in Crystal without optic. Pieces can easily be overlooked since there has been no available illustration and many Cambridge collectors are unaware of its existence.