Mold Cleaning Update

by J. D. Hanes
Issue No. 212 - December 1990

The last mould cleaning work party of 1990 was held at the N. C. C. storage building on Saturday. October 13th. I would like to thank Cindy Mold cleaning Arent, Rich Bennett, Doyle Hanes, Don and Betty Frontz, Regina Gerko and her Sons Jeff and Mark, and Willard Kolb, for all their help.

We cleaned, at least for identification purposes, 10 boxes of moulds. This was a lot of dust and some bruised fingers will attest.

This day brought back memories for Jon, as he was a gatherer at the factory.

Cleaning molds Some of the moulds we cleaned were: Pristine #746 cigarette box; #693 ash tray; #3078 finger bowl; #3126 finger bowl; #1234 10" vase; #1632 Hurricane; Pristine #91 32 oz. decanter and the #802 inverted show jar. Some of these are paste moulds and of course, the numbers and descriptions are taken directly from the moulds.

Regina Gerko, along with her Sons Jeff and Mark, and Rich Bennett managed to keep busy with brushes, finding numbers. Lets hope that the Gerko brothers keep their enthusiasm for glass. Their first question when we finished for the day was "When can we do this again?"

As an answer to that question, I hope to have a schedule, for 1991 Cleaning Parties, in the February Crystal Ball. We would like to have at least one work party a month, to finish the moulds and then we can start on tools.

In closing let me again say, Thank You to all who helped with this ongoing project in 1990. and may you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a delightful New Year!