Caprice Lamp and Fake Mark

by J. D. Hanes
Issue No. 211 - November 1990

I thought that this title might intrigue some of you. Let us take the items in the order of the title.

Fake Caprice lamp First, as you can see, pictured here is a Caprice lamp. The vase, that is the body of the lamp, is in moonlight blue alpine. The base and the top are silver. This picture and a letter sent to the club by a collector in Minnesota.

She states that the hole drilled through the bottom of the vase is very smooth and that there are no marks of any kind anywhere on the lamp. The finial on the top of the harp is a darker shade than moonlight. It is almost tahoe blue in color. If anyone has any thought as to who put this lamp together, please send a note to the club post office box and I will forward it to the owner. She would really like to know all she can about the manufacturer of this lamp.

Now, for the fake mark. This past month, in the mail, we received a letter concerning the Draped Lady reproductions. The one pictured had the holes removed and the ribbing added to the base.

Fake triangle C mark Now, for the interesting part. On the top of the base there was an etched triangle C. It is illustrated at right. As you can see, the triangle is not complete as it has gaps in the middle of each side. As far as we know, Cambridge never used the mark as an etch except on some pharmaceutical items, and then the triangle was complete.

At present, I do not know who is putting this mark on these ladies. This is a case of knowing your marks and being aware. If anyone knows who is putting these marks on glass, we would appreciate hearing from you.