Crockery and Glass Journal Article -- Dresden & Adams

Issue No. 209 - September 1990

(NOTE: This Crockery and Glass Journal article demonstrates one pitfall for collectors and researchers. The article describes the pattern "Dresden" but the illustration is of the pattern "Adams".)

A Successful Pattern
Crockery and Glass Journal
August 25, 1921

The "Dresden" pattern as illustrated is one of the particularly good things being shown by the Cambridge Glass Co. It is an unusually well executed deep plate etching of highly artistic design that at once appeals to the refined taste. Being shown in a complete selection of staple items for table use as well as various novelties, it has excellent sales possibilities for the retailer, in fact, it has made a commendable record wherever it has been shown. Manager Alex Menzies is displaying the complete line at the concern's New York salesroom, 49 West 23rd Street.

Dryden pattern