Cambridge - The First Years, Part IV

by Mark A. Nye
Issue No. 208 - August 1990

Editor's Note: Part III was carried in the June 1990 issue of the Crystal Ball. Unfortunately, lack of space caused us to end the article in mid-paragraph. We will begin this month by concluding that paragraph and then continuing on.

(01/08/12 continued) "They are made for gas or electric fittings, and are really the newest of the many new things in the market. The demand for this class of goods has already been created, and with its many styles and decorations, the Cambridge company is in position to meet all comers.

Another handsome feature of the display is the new La Tourrene line, modeled after the famous old french pattern and made in infinite variety of articles.

It has a close second in the St. Regis line, which is attracting much attention because of its graceful lines and excellence in workmanship. It is a semi-colonial pattern, yet departing far enough from that standard to make it a novelty which bids fair to hold its own with any.

Another attractive feature of the display is a white enameled line, etched on perfectly plain glass and modeled along lines which appeal at once to the good taste of even a novice in matters glass. So pretty are the pieces on display that a whole table has been given over to them, and they present an appearance in keeping with the remainder of the handsome and well arranged lines. Then there are the famous lines of candlesticks, punch bowls and punch bowl sets, while an infinite variety of novelties add to the collection. The Cambridge has the best this year it has ever brought out, and the buyer who has seen the Cambridge in other years knows that all the resources of the glass industry have been brought to bear on the intelligence and skill of the splendid manufacturing organization to bring about such a result." CGL Note: This was a CGL reporter's opinion of the Cambridge display at the 1912 Pittsburg exhibit.

12/23/12 "Our 'NEAR CUT' Brand Tableware and Novelties are well known and established for QUALITY. Extra efforts have been made on this line, and we shall show some very choice new designs for 1913.

We now ask your attention to our NEW DEPARTMENT. We are producing a most excellent line of high grade, lead blown stemware, tumblers, etc., both in plain, optic, needle etched, deep plate etched and light cut patterns.

Extreme care has been given to the making of the staple bar goods, our patterns for size and shapes being exact duplicates of the old ROCHESTER STANDARDS . . . .

FULL EXHIBITION of all new lines, pressed and blown, will be made at the Fort Pitt Hotel, Pittsburg, during January, 1913 and you are invited to inspect and compare for quality and design." CGJ

02/05/14 "The Cambridge Glass Co. have turned out some excellent patterns this season and the outlook for the years business under the capable supervision of D. King Irwin, the new sales manager of the company, is very promising. Among other things there is a particularly extensive showing of table glassware, and novelties in a colonial design and the clearness and fine color of the crystal adds materially to the attractiveness of the line. Both the thin blown stemware in dainty patterns, and pressed ware showing some clever new ideas are well represented in the stock.

Judging from their demonstrations, the lead blown tumblers of the Cambridge Glass Co. will stand some hard knocks without breaking. For sake of illustration, three tumblers were taken from the exhibit shelf, at the Ft. Pitt, thrown against the wall, a distance of forty feet, without a tumbler cracking." CGJ

08/20/14 "Dealers interested in securing a novelty that offers excellent possibilities as a money-maker should see the new three-piece epergne of the Cambridge Glass Co. in their 'Near-cut' table glassware on display at their local salesroom. Each of the three sections may be used separately as sweet pea vases and orange bowl, or the combination of the two sections as a fruit bowl with a centre flower-holder, or as a footed comport. It stands twenty-one inches high, and is an exact copy of one of the best cut glass patterns." CGJ

09/24/14 "The Cambridge Glass Co. will undoubtably have a good demand for the new flower holders which D. King Irwin has just placed on display. They include low, squat shaped bowls to be used in conjunction with a glass holder in the form of a turtle representing the reptile in the act of swimming through water. Numerous round openings hold the flowers." CGJ

12/17/14 "A complete assortment of stemware and numerous other items in a beautiful and novel design and shape, for both of which D. King Irwin is responsible, is now being shown at the salesroom of the Cambridge Glass Co., 90 West Broadway. This is not the first time Mr. Irwin has demonstrated his ability as a designer, but he has never turned out anything prettier than this cleverly arranged Fuschia pattern in a deep etching on a shape that is out of the ordinary and exactly suited to the design." CGJ

12/31/14 "Arthur J. Bennett, president of the Cambridge Glass Co., arrived in New York Wednesday morning and left Thursday night. He was accompanied by F. E. Anderson, who is to assume charge of the Byesville plant of the Cambridge Glass Co." CGJ

02/25/15 "The Cambridge Glass Co. have increased their lines of light cuttings until it now ranks with the most complete display of this class of goods from one factory on the market. Among the new designs being exhibited by D. King Irwin at 92 West Broadway a floral cluster effect with a butterfly in flight is decidedly effective." CGJ

05/06/15 "On account of the improved condition of business, the Cambridge Glass Co. has placed its third furnace in operation, thus putting the factory on full time. The furnace at Byesville is also working steadily. Under the management of Arthur J. Bennett this plant is steadily increasing its sales, and is now said to be one of the most active factories in the country." CGJ

11/18/15 "The Cambridge (O.) Glass Co. has recently enlarged its office building and has erected a new boiler house and etching room at its Byesville plant." CGJ

12/30/15 "D. King Irwin, local manager (Ed. note NYC) of the Cambridge Glass Co, has a host of new goods, among which is an excellent line of flower bowls in very rich shades of blue and black, with birds to match, the latter being well molded and above the average seen on the market. A new line of Gothic design that is sure to win the approval of buyers. The line comprises fifty pieces, and includes everything the business demands." CGJ

01/13/16 "One of the most novel exhibits is that of the Cambridge Glass Co. which is showing three new lines of glass, blue, black and green -- comprising flower blocks, bowls, vases, handled baskets, and a host of other novel pieces." CGJ

05/01/16 "A neat handled and footed ice tea was added recently to the No. 7606 line made by the Cambridge Glass Co. ....The new item is produced either plain or etched and bids fair to become a very popular number." CGJ

05/25/16 "A speciality recently introduced by the Cambridge Glass Co. and now being exhibited by D. King Irwin at the concern's local salesroom (NYC) is a line of baskets with a special patented feature that assures it proving one of the biggest selling novelties of its kind on the market. Part way down the inside of the basket is fitted a perforated flower holder, held neatly in place by a glass ledge. They are shown in various sizes and in several very pleasing 'pressed-cut' patterns." CGJ

07/20/16 "W. L. Orme, superintendent of the Cambridge Glass Company's Byesville plant, visited the New York office the first half of the week to consult with D. King Irwin." CGJ

10/12/16 "The etched decorations on the 'Mulberry' glass of the Cambridge Glass Co. are proving very popular with the trade." CGJ

12/11/16 "The illustration carried herewith shows the handsome eight-inch Moss Rose bowl, No. 3200, manufactured by the Cambridge Glass Co. ... Secretary W. C. McCartney states that the company can ship a limited number of eight-inch bowls and Sugar and Cream Sets in this pattern in time for Christmas Trade, provided orders are sent in at once." CGL

12/07/16 "The Cambridge Glass Co. plans to increase its cutting facilities, and as soon as possible will install from 75 to 100 frames. The concern has had a heavy demand all season for its cut lines, and conditions have reached the point where additional production is absolutely necessary." CGJ

01/29/17 "Arrangements have been completed by Arthur J. Bennett, for the installation of a fuel gas plant at the factory in order that the troubles incident to the uncertain supply of natural gas may be overcome." CGL

09/20/17 "A new item for the kitchen announced by the Cambridge Glass Co. is an ant tray, one of whose two recesses is for the table leg, and the other for water. The tray is especially adaptable for refrigerators, and is made of a grade of glass that will withstand rough usage." CGL

11/05/17 " . . . A new producer has been completed for the Cambridge Glass Co. by Mr. Morton, where the lehrs and pot arches are also equipped for producer gas." CGL

To be continued ...