Cambridge - The First Years, Part II

by Mark A. Nye
Issue No. 205 May 1990

Last month we halted at December 1904, the saga dealing with early Cambridge production. That was as far as I had reached in the review of trade journals during my visit last fall to the Corning Museum of Glass and the Rakow Library. This month we resume the story, now using trade journal information obtained by other researchers some years ago. Except where indicated, all quotes continue to be from Crockery and Glass Journal.

05/--/05 "Some splendid tableware was shown by the Cambridge Glass Company at their fine new plant at the Monogahela House last January, resulting in a good demand for 'Near Cut,' which has held up quite well. Mr. Arthur Bennett is a man of ideas and energy, who is capable of creating business even in dull times." Glass and Pottery World

09/14/05 "The Cambridge, O., Glass Co. started their third furnace this week, and business is reported moving successfully."

12/20/05 "The Cambridge Glass Company, with its 'Madaline' line of table ware, is sure that it will be at least different from anything to be shown in Pittsburg. It resembles the best things in cut glass, but the makers of 'Near Cut'' ware are creators, not copyists. The original plain blank was cut from designs suggested by Mr. Bennett and when shown as a piece of rich cut glass was still further improved before the molds for pressed goods were made. In weight, color and graceful color, it even excels the 'Marjorie' goods made so popular last year under the vigorous selling methods adopted at Cambridge, Ohio." Glass and Pottery World

01/--/06 "Our 'MARJORIE' DESIGN, NEAR-CUT, for season 1905 has not yet been equalled in design, brilliancy and finish, and remains unequalled as a seller and profit-maker BUT we shall present an entirely new design for 1906 which is of a novel style of cutting, and which must create a field of its own. It is ORIGINAL, has CHARACTER and STYLE, and is a success from the start. Compare it with any other and you will buy it." China, Glass and Lamps

04/--/06 "Near Cut Glass -- Clear Cut Booklet. No better booklet has ever been gotten out for the trade than the ten-page illustrated price list devoted to the Lotus Line of pressed table ware made by the Cambridge Glass Company, of Cambridge, Ohio. The dealer is often confused by the many good designs now offered him. The cuts shown of this easy rapid selling line are in excellent taste and have an originality all their own. It is not strange that the ware obtained the highest premium award at the St. Louis World's Fair. 'Nearcut' glass "Name on every piece' is made exclusively by the Cambridge Glass Company. Manager Bennett, formerly a successful salesman and always resourceful and progressive, puts out a book which you are sure to keep if you get it. It's easy to get and the splendid goods are easy to sell. Plenty of Green Book readers know that to be true." Glass and Pottery World

05/--/06 "The Lotus Line of tableware has proven to be all that the Cambridge Glass Company claimed for it, and the sales have been excellent, considering the somewhat dull market which has prevailed during April and May."

08/23/06 "The Byesville Glass Co. has shut down indefinitely, and the factory is now for sale. it was built some six years ago by Chas. L. Campbell and Jno. C. Beckett of Cambridge, O., and Mr. Brudewald was general manager. It started on lamps, but did not make a success and went into bankruptcy. It was sold in 1904 to Mr. Schott, the present owner. He made shades and globes and operated the factory up to the close of the last fire. He now quits the business."

12/06/06 A full page advertisement appeared in the 1906 Holiday issue of Crockery and Glass Journal. It included an illustration of the plant, a candy jar, and listed the patterns Marjorie, Dorothy, Paul Revere, Sunburst and Fernland.

01/--/07 In early January, a Cambridge advertisement was saying: "We operate the most complete and up-to-date factory in the United States. Our capacity is upwards of half a million dollars. For quality and finish we are in the lead, for variety and assortments we can offer everything in Pressed or Iron Mold Blown Ware made from High Grade Pot Glass. We Make Bar Glassware, Candy Trays, Candy Jars, Tableware, Tumblers, Cup-foot Stemware." Probably China, Glass and Lamps

03/23/07 "One of the worst floods in the history of the Guernsey Valley visited the Cambridge, O., district last week. Thursday Evening about 6 o'clock the water got in the producers at the Cambridge Glass Co.'s plant and put the fire out, causing the factory to close down for the balance of the week. On Wednesday night the entire portion of the glass plant addition known locally as the 'desert,' became flooded and the employees living in the section were unable to get to work Thursday morning. Some of the glass workers had the greater part of their furniture ruined by water. The Cambridge Glass Co.'s plant, barring the short lay-off mentioned above, is running steadily with all three furnaces in operation." China, Glass and Lamps

06/06/07 "The Cambridge Glass Co. has added a patented cigar jar of Colonial design to their line. At the top of the jar is a spongeholder so arranged that moisture comes form the entire sponge instead of just a part. The jar will hold fifty cigars. Samples have been forwarded to the various agencies. A new iced tea tumbler has also been added to the #2630 Colonial line."

09/12/07 "The Cambridge Glass Co. have just placed a new twelve inch punch bowl on display in their Pittsburgh salesrooms. It is shown in three shapes. The bowl is part of the Paul Revere Colonial line which has been such a success with this factory. A new ten inch punch bowl of the Feather cut line has also just been issued by the firm. This is shown in four different shapes."

12/05/07 The 1907 Holiday issue of Crockery and Glass Journal carried a full page Cambridge advertisement in which was illustrated the Ribbon handled celery and the Wheat Sheaf tankard and told readers to "ask for catalogs showing our new 1908 lines."

01/09/08 "Charles S. Rockhill is in charge of the display of the Cambridge Glass Co. Their new table pattern is known as 'Near-cut Ribbon No. 2653,' while a new stem line is called 'Near-cut Star No. 2656.' Both are good, and are bound to prove popular with the trade."

04/02/08 "The purchasers of the Byesville, O., glass plant were D. Shively & Co., of Cambridge, O. The price was about $125,000."

05/07/08 "The 'Merry Widow' has invaded the glassware trade in the shape of a vase made by the Cambridge (O.) Glass Co. Like the dame herself, it is graceful and attractive."

06/25/08 "A new footed ice cream is the latest creation of the Cambridge Glass Co. and samples have been forwarded to all resident agents. It is a piece of the famous Colonial line of this firm. The factory is running on good time, and business is improving steadily."

10/03/08 "Cambridge, O. Reports state that the Cambridge Glass Works are still running with 40 shops working at the furnaces, including one caster place shop, four iron mold shops and 35 press shops." be continued