Museum Activities

by Cindy Arent
Issue No. 201 - January 1990

Museum sign Fall has been a busy time at our Museum. I would like to keep you up to date on some of the improvements going on now, and those we plan to do next year.

An energetic group of fellows met recently at the Museum and worked on the following projects. First on their agenda was to repaint the lettering and raise the Museum sign for better visibility. The painter was late due to car trouble and now she will need a twenty foot ladder to complete her job! But, as you can see at left, the sign did get raised.

The next project was to place the Cambridge glass logo sign up higher on the front of the Museum. It looks GREAT Willard!

The final project of the day was to cut down The dead tree between the Museum and the storage building. This was a difficult task due to Cutting tree Tree is down the telephone lines running to the Museum. From the size of the picture, you can tell that the photographer thought she had better take cover.

The stain on the exterior of the Museum is in poor condition. This will be one of the first exterior projects when warm weather arrives again.

Editor's Note: As a footnote to Cindy's article, it should be noted that the members of the Southwest "Miami Valley" Ohio Study Group held an etching plate cleaning session on July 15th, at the home of Bill and Phyllis Smith, in Springfield, Ohio.

Plate cleaning crew This cleaning process is a dirty one, but each session is quite rewarding in the bits and pieces of information, and new etchings that come to light. To date approximately one half of the plates have been cleaned, recorded and oiled for future preservation.

Once all plates have been cleaned it is hoped that a comprehensive book, identifying the bulk of the Cambridge etchings can be published.