NGC Fall Meeting

by J. D. Hanes
Issue No. 200 - December 1989

Some of you may have seen the advertisement in the Crystal Ball and The DAZE for the National Glass Clubs. In case you did not know, this is an organization of National Clubs that meet semiannually to have a Round Table type discussion of our clubs' operations and activities. We know that it is better to work together than to work against each other.

One of the results of this cooperation is the ad that is placed for membership in all clubs. All clubs share equally in the cost of this ad, and we do realize very good results from it.

The Fall meeting was held on October 21st at the Parkersburg, West Virginia Holiday Inn and was hosted by Fenton Art Glass Collectors. In attendance were representatives of the Fenton, Heisey, Cambridge and Morgantown clubs.

The old Morgantown Glass Collectors is a new organization and they wanted to join to get some assistance from our clubs on ideas, good points, problems, etc.

The main topic for discussion, which was carried over from the previous meeting, was the idea of having a N.G.C. Show. What we are looking at is having a show as well as educational programs. The possibilities of something of this magnitude are endless. It would be sponsored by all of the participating clubs, and each of the clubs would have booths to promote membership, sell books, etc. Each club would also sponsor some educational type of program. The general consensus is to hold this in the Fall, so as not to conflict with our own Conventions.

The major thing is to find a facility for this. A committee has been formed to look into locations. If any of you have any ideas as to where something like this might be held, please drop me a note. I would also like to hear your comments and ideas of a show of this type - I will take these ideas and bring them up for discussion at the next meeting. If you wish to comment and remain anonymous, I guarantee that I will not use your name. I will keep you all informed of this project as it progresses. This could be the start of something grand!