Circular Letter #121

Furnished by Carl & Shirley Beynon
Issue No. 197 - September, 1989



C/L's 83 and 98 of 1933 told you about our having made bobeches 
in Amber, Forest Green and Carmen.

We will now make these in:
            Royal Blue
            Forest Green

All of these colored bobeches will be fitted with Crystal Prisms.

All colors except Carmen will be the same prices as our present
prices for Crystal.  Where Carmen bobeches are used, add $2.50 per
Dozen LIST to the prices effective for Crystal or the other colors.

Since we now make the bobeche in colors, we want to call your attention
to the console sets listed in C/L #58 -1933. These are set
made by using the #1348 and #1349 - 4 toed Fancy Bowls and the
#993 - 4 toed Round Bowl with the #3500/32 prism Candelabrum.

When  we first listed these sets, we had the Candlestick in dark
colors only to match the bowls and as this candlestick is a rather
heavy piece of glass, it did not show to good advantage in the dark

Now we can make a very beautiful combination and good looking set by 
using the dark colored bowls with Crystal candlesticks with bobeches 
in colors to match the bowls. Of course the sets can be furnished in 
either comb1nation, but we think the proper one is with Crystal 
Candlestick with colored bobeches.

Cancel price list sent with C/L #58 - covering the above sets and use 
instead new price list aftached.  If you want a sample set sent in any 
particular color combination we would ask that you send your order for it.

                           THE CAMBRIDGE GLASS COMPANY
                                    H. A. Lovelady
3500/32 Candlestick 1349 Bowl