A Winter Day at the Storage Building

by Cindy Arent
Issue No. 190 - February 1989

As we opened the door to the Storage Building, it creaked, and we were soon covered with the last spider webs of Fall. Yes, it was winter at the N.C.C. Storage Building.

Marjorie Punch Bowl moldThere was an eerie silence, however, somehow we got the feeling that we were NOT alone! As we walked around the room we could hear the voices of molds, both large and small, calling out to be cleaned and inventoried.

We promised that we would try harder to get more members together this spring to work on them, but for now, we were just there to gather more paperwork to be organized and filed. We also explained that it was still too cold for us to work in the building.

Then an enormous mold spoke in a deep, gruff, voice and said, "We Pallet of Molds molds understand and know that you people will keep your word. Please remember that we are here to help in your understanding of Cambridge Glass in any way we can. There are some molds from our family that are not fortunate enough to be here with us at your Museum. We need help in finding out who is here and who the unlucky ones are that didn't make it."

Again, we assured them that we would be back, and left with a feeling of guilt for not having stayed longer. This day was truly an unforgettable experience!

In future issues of the Crystal Ball, we will try to list dates and times that we will be working on molds. So, if you're out for a weekend drive and feel the urge, please stop by.

We could really use your help. Until then, "THINK MOLDS"