Fenton Reproductions

Phyllis Smith, Editor
Issue No. 174 - October 1987

Fenton is now using some of the original molds in making vases, etc. This information comes to us from several sources. The Welkers provided the Fenton Catalog for copying and Frank Fenton gave us permission to use these photos from the Fenton catalog.

The Caprice vase molds are being used to produce several different shapes such as the pitcher, baskets, rose bowl, etc. All are being made in the Country Cranberry color. Note also the Daffodil Everglade vase. The #46 Shell Flower Holder (note how the top is finished) is being made in their new Peaches & Cream color. This is one of their Ice Cream colors. All pieces are lovely and present no problem for Cambridge collectors, as Cambridge never produced Caprice or the Shell line in either of these colors. Frank Fenton assures us that each piece IS MARKED! The mark does not show well on these blown items, but they are working to correct that.

Fenton Caprice items