Don't Be Fooled (Caprice Candy Boxes)

by Phyllis D. Smith
Issue No. 174 - October 1987

In recent months we have had several reports of sightings and purchases of the Caprice Candy box and cover in unusual and even thought to be "rare" Cambridge colors. Caprice CandyColors listed have been bluebell, carmen, mandarin gold and a green that seems to have a brownish tint to it.

PLEASE, DON'T BE FOOLED! These Caprice candy boxes were NOT produced by Cambridge. They were, instead, made by the Imperial Glass Company of Bellaire, Ohio, sometime during the middle 1970s. Of course, the original Cambridge mold was used, but the colors are strictly Imperial. Their color names were Antique Blue (similar to bluebell); Sunshine Yellow (more brown tint to the yellow than the Cambridge mandarin gold); Verde (Cambridge never made a green close to this color); and Ruby (similar to carmen).

They also produced this candy box and several other pieces of Caprice in their Moonlight Blue color. Their Moonlight is so similar to the moonlight blue that Cambridge produced that only under a black light can you tell the difference and even then it is difficult.

As we all know, Imperial is now out of business, and everything they made is now quite collectible. This article is intended only to inform you, and is in no way trying to imply that you should not purchase these candy boxes, should the opportunity arise.

Just be aware and informed, and then if you want to add any or all of these Imperial colors to your collection, good for you!