Baskets - Part III

by Mark A. Nye
Issue No. 173 - September 1987

119 Basket Apparently glass baskets were not a popular item in the late 1920s and early 1930s, as not a single basket is shown in the 1930 Cambridge catalog. It was not until the 1932 supplement was issued that one finally appeared and then it was a basket first made some years before the #119 7" Basket (at left).

In this appearance it is shown etched Portia and at the same time may also have been available etched Diane.

In the same 1932 catalog supplement the #119 described as "#119 7" Basket (12" high)" appears on a page headed "Cambridge" Two Tone "Quick Sellers" where it is illustrated in a dark color, possibly royal blue, forest green or carmen, with a crystal handle.

The #119 basket also appears n the 1934 Catalog supplement, this time in crown tuscan with D/1001 (etched Portia) gold encrusted. This basket is also known in crown tuscan without any type of decoration.

3500 Basket The 1933 supplement saw the introduction of the #3500 or Gadroon line and its two squat style baskets; the #3500/51 5" (below, left) and the #3500/52 (at right) 6" handled baskets.

3500 Basket During the second half of the 1930s, the #3500/51 and #3500/52 baskets were produced only in crystal and were sold plain or etched Valencia, Minerva, Elaine, Rose Point, Diane and Portia. In 1939, these two baskets were also being offered with D/1041 (gold encrusted Elaine). In addition #3500/51 was available with D/1001 (gold encrusted Portia) and D/1012 (gold encrusted Diane).

In 1940 the #119 was being offered in crystal, amber, royal blue, forest green, amethyst and carmen. No doubt this basket was also produced in the same colors during the preceding years. During the mid-to-late 1930s, the #119 basket was available etched Diane, Portia, Valencia, Elaine, Minerva, Rose Point and Wildflower.

1506 Basket Our next group of baskets dates back to 1902 or 1903. The 1903 Cambridge catalog contained an illustration of what then was simply designated "Basket" on a page of Opal Novelties. This little basket is the one that became known as the #1506/1 4" basket (left). The 1906 Cambridge catalog illustrates this basket with the caption as shown here. ("Packed 16 dozen in a barrel: Made in Crystal, Blue and Amber.") Sometime after 1906, this basket was discontinued, as it does not appear in catalogs issued in following years.

1506 Baskets It is not known when the #1506 Novelty Baskets were reintroduced but they were once again in production by the summer of 1938. As can be seen in the picture at right showing 1506/1, 1506/2, 1506/3 & 1506/5, these were designed to resemble woven baskets. This group consists of the 1506/1 4" basket (tall); #1506/2 5" basket (low); #1506/3 4½" basket (medium); and the related item #1506/4 5" plate. Produced into the early 1940s in mocha, pistachio, moonlight, la rosa, and crystal, these items were also manufactured in crystal with a satin finish and with the decoration D/Gold. (Editor's Note: the #1506/1 4" basket has also been seen in crown tuscan.)

3500 Basket A third #3500 or Gadroon line basket was in production by early 1939 and probably dates earlier. It is listed as the #3500/79 3" Favor basket (left) and in 1939 was being made in crystal, amber, royal blue, forest green and amethyst. In the 1940 Cambridge catalog this little basket, in addition to being listed as a basket, is also found under the category "Vases" as is the #119 7" basket.

The #3500/51 and #3500/52 baskets were produced only in crystal during the 1940s and were available plain as well as etched Diane, Portia, Elaine and Rose Point.

During the 1940s the #119 basket was manufactured and sold plain or etched Diane, Portia, Rose Point, Elaine and Wildflower.

319/2 Basket 319/3 Basket During the 1940s the market for glass baskets must have disappeared or, after the war, was supplied by imports. Not a single basket of any type appears in the 1949 Cambridge catalog or any of its supplemental pages. It was not until the reopen period that a basket was once again listed in a Cambridge catalog and price list.

The catalog that has become known as the 1956-58 Cambridge catalog shows two Georgian line baskets. The #319/B/2 (at left) handled basket oblong and the #319/B/3 (at right) handled crimped.

Both styles were produced in amber, amethyst, moonlight blue, mandarin gold, pink, pistachio, smoke, emerald (dark) green, and crystal. The #319/B/2, the oblong version, was also manufactured in carmen.

The 1958 and final price list carried only the #319/B/2 in crystal, amber, amethyst, carmen, emerald (dark) green, mandarin gold, moonlight blue, pink and smoke.

1957/131 Basket 1957/132 Basket (Editor's note: The Sonata line pictures two additional baskets in the 1956-58 catalog. The #1957/131 handled basket and the #1958/132 handled basket (illustrated at left and right). Neither of these baskets are listed in either the 1956 or 1958 price list as being in production. It is entirely possible that these baskets were produced in crystal but only for a very short period of time in 1957.)

Thus we arrive at the end of the long line of Cambridge glass baskets. A line that saw its beginnings in the first year of production at the Morton Avenue plant and its end coming with the final shutdown of the furnaces.