by Phyllis D. Smith
Issue No. 170 - June 1987

As we have only a small amount of space, and we are late going to the printer, this will be a short article. Actually information is in short supply also, but what we know, we will try to pass on to you as best we can.

First of all, the Fenton company is using the Caprice vase molds they purchased at the Imperial liquidation two years ago. They are making some cute little items in their easy to identify Cranberry color. Somewhere along the line we had received the impression that it was their intention to put their mark on any of these molds that they used, but sorry to say, these items are not marked in any way. However, they really should not give any Cambridge collector a problem. Some have handles and are baskets, others are little pitchers, etc. The way they are finished and their color really tells you that they are Fenton, not Cambridge!

Mirror Images plans to have the Heron figure flower holder on the market in a light blue color by Convention time. These items will be marked. So there will be no problem with these for our collectors. O.J. Scherschligt, owner of Mirror Images called President Kolb to let him know about this and the fact that he will be donating two of these Herons and his other flower holders to be used one for the Museum reissue showcase and the other for door prize, etc., during Convention.

These items and as many others as can be gathered, will be on display during Convention for everyone to view and study. On page 5 please note the "PLEAs' to bring any items of this nature with you to share in this display. We will try to get good photos to use in future issues of the CRYSTAL BALL for the benefit of those who will not be present.