Bunny Boxes

by Phyllis D. Smith
Issue No. 168 - April 1987

The Cambridge Glass Company made a contribution to the Easter Holiday in the form of a cute little Bunny box, complete with lid, fur detail and darling little padded feet. Large Bunny boxSmall Bunny box If you ever have the opportunity to see one, be sure to check it out completely ... it is a nice piece of work. They were available in two sizes, as you can see, large (7") and small (5").

The original intended use of this box is unknown. It could have been for a sauce dish, candy container, or possibly even a jewelry box. Take your pick ... you are limited only by your own imagination. Introduced sometime in 1931 (I like to think in time for Easter), it was in production for possibly as many as nine or ten years. The June 1940 price list is the last time they are listed as being in production, and the record book listing the molds that were donated to the "Scrap Iron Drive" during World War II, lists them as having been donated for the good of our country!

If you have been lucky enough to have had an encounter with a bunny, you are no doubt aware of the fact that they were made with and without hair. The fur (or "feather" as some of us seem bound to say) detailing was on the early ones. In an old mold order book an entry has been found, dated 11-17-39 which states "take rough effect off large and small rabbits." Therefore those produced after the end of 1939 were without the fur detail. It would be interesting to know why they did this. There must have been a good reason.

These rabbits are, as the saying goes, just about as "scarce as hen's teeth!" They have been found in the following colors, both plain and satin finish: pink, light emerald green, amber, tahoe blue, and crystal. One is known in ebony satin and two in crown tuscan. Other colors are not impossible ... it's just that we haven't heard of them. If you have -- PLEASE let us know!

Let's hope your Easter Rabbit brings you a cute little Bunny - with or without "Hare!"