Cambridge History from News Articles - Part X

by Charles Upton
Issue No. 164 - December 1986

The Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge, Ohio.
Thursday, February 17, 1910

Citizens of Byesville are rejoicing over the prospects of the Byesville Glass Plant being started in full by President A.J. Bennett, of the Cambridge Glass Plant. A citizen of Byesville, who was in Cambridge Thursday afternoon, stated that providing the citizens of his town and President Bennett could agree on a proposition, now under consideration, the plant at Byesville, which has been idle for a number of years would resume operations in full about March 1st. Just what the proposition is he declined to say, but thought that everything would be settled satisfactorily in the next few days.

Some time ago President Bennett was considering the matter of starting the Byesville plant in order to take care of some of the local work, but at that time the Ohio Fuel Supply Co. informed him that it could not furnish the necessary gas. Since that time, however, the company has secured a greater supply and there is no doubt now but that this can be adjusted. A representative of the Cambridge Glass Plant stated Thursday that the operation of the Byesville plant would be a great help in taking care of some of the work, as the Cambridge plant had more than it could handle.

The Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge, Ohio.
Thursday, February 24, 1910

After a period of idleness covering three years, the Byesville glass plant is to start in full and will be operated by President A.J. Bennett, of the Cambridge Glass Co. This was decided last night at an enthusiastic meeting of citizens held in Anderson Hall, when the proposition made by Mr. Bennett was accepted and a committee started out with subscription papers.

Mr. Bennett did not ask for a bonus - his proposition in brief was that if Byesville would raise a sum to help repair the buildings and furnace, he would operate the plant, and this means employment for at least 125 men at good wages. He already has control of the plant, but during its period of idleness it necessarily got out of repair.

Will start Monday

The committee, composed of Messers. E.S. Blake, B.V. Witten, Milton Hall, S.W. Morris and A.J. Bennett. True report this morning that they are meeting with splendid success and expect to have the money in hand so that repairs will begin Monday morning. The confidence in Mr. Bennett and the fact that he will manufacture the same ware that is being made in Cambridge, and so successfully marketed over the world, convinces all that this is one of the best propositions Byesville has ever accepted.

When Mr. Bennett was interviewed today, he stated that he was ready to begin repairs on the Byesville plant as soon as the citizens were ready to proceed, according to the proposition, and that within thirty days from the time they begin such work, glass would be turning Out at the plant. He will transfer certain lines there, and this will permit the local plant to turn out more work and the company to catch up with the steady stream of orders. Byesville is to be congratulated on this movement, as The Cambridge Glass Co. has been a valuable factor in building up this city and this plan will prove of equal benefit in our neighboring city.

The Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge, Ohio.
Thursday, March 2, 1910

C.S. Gage of the committee appointed by Byesville citizens to raise a fund of $3,000 with which to secure the operation of the Byesville Glass Plant, was in the city Thursday. Mr. Gage stated that at a meeting of the soliciting committee Wednesday evening reports showed that $2,500 of the required amount had been raised and he was instructed to come to Cambridge Thursday to secure, if possible, the remaining $500 from the business firms which have extensive business dealings with citizens of Byesville. Mr. Gage expressed himself as confident that the committee will be successful and that within a few days after the money is raised President Bennett of the Cambridge Glass Plant will have the Byesville plant in full operation.

By the terms of the agreement between President Bennett and the Byesville citizens the money should have been raised by last Saturday night but this was impossible and at the request of the citizens, President Bennett extended the time until Saturday evening of this week.

The Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge, Ohio.
Thursday, March 3, 1910

The following resolutions accompanying a letter in accordance with a standing vote of the members on Sunday, Feb. 27th, after the dedication service of the communion set, which was secured for the church through his benefaction, were forwarded to the donor through the pastor, by request.

Whereas, through the kindness of President A.J. Bennett in donating certain articles to a member of the A.M.E. Church, the members were privileged to enjoy the uses of the individual communion set on the above date, at the quarterly meeting service and
Whereas, this act of kindness from Mr. Bennett is a demonstration of his consideration and sympathy for us as a section of Christ's church that is striving along with others for the advancement of Christ's kingdom and the uplift of humanity.
Resolved that the thanks of the entire membership of the church are sincerely and gratefully tendered to Mr. Bennett for his kindness and pray God's blessing upon himself and family, and be it further
Resolved that the presiding elder and pastor participate in said Thanks and appreciation with the members in behalf of the church.
- - - J.B. Harewood, Pastor

The Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge, Ohio.
Thursday, March 10, 1910

The Byesville Glass Plant will resume operations in full, under the management of President A.J. Bennett of the Cambridge Glass Plant, as soon as the necessary repairs on the building and the large furnace can be made. This announcement was made in Byesville and Cambridge Wednesday afternoon.

For the past four weeks the committee of Byesville citizens have been busy circulating subscription papers in their efforts to collect $3,000 and late Wednesday afternoon a member of the committee announced that they had secured pledges for the entire amount. President Bennett accompanied by M.L. Hartley of this city were in Byesville Tuesday afternoon, inspecting the buildings, the latter making an estimate of the cost of repairs on the roof of the main buildings.

President Bennett stated Thursday afternoon that if possible the repairs would be started next Monday and that as soon as they were completed the plant would be placed in full operation. He said he thought it would take at least five weeks to complete these repairs.

The operation of the plant at Byesville, as a branch of the Cambridge works, will mean that a number of employees in the office of the local plant will be promoted as it will require a full office force at Byesville. It will also mean employment for a great many citizens of Byesville.

The Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge, Ohio.
Monday, March 14, 1910

The work of making the repairs on the buildings and grounds of the Byesville glass plant was started Monday morning under the direction of John Hamilton, who has a large force of men at work with instructions to push it forward as rapidly as possible. The contract for repairing the roofs of the buildings will be awarded to M .L. Hartley of this city. It is expected that it will require about five weeks to make the necessary repairs.