Innovative Marketing Techniques

by Mark A. Nye
Issue No. 161 - September 1986

As long ago as the summer of 1937, companies like Cambridge Glass were coming up with new ideas to sell an existing product. They were busy creating a new market for old products, products readily available and perhaps not selling as well as they should.

Take for example, the piece of glass known as a Hollow Stem Saucer Champagne. Without reading any further, can you think of another use for this item, other than as a drinking vessel? Well, someone at Cambridge did, as witnessed by the following, written 49 years ago.

"We (Cambridge management) have just recently discovered a new use for Hollow Stem Saucer Champagnes. This use is for Fruit Salad.

Fill the bowl with a nice fruit salad and then pour over the salad a little grenadine, raspberry, cherry or any bright colored juice. This of course goes down into the hollow stem and makes a most beautiful piece on the table.

We believe if you promote this idea to your customers, you will find that they will be able to sell a great many Hollow Stem Champagnes.

We would suggest that you have one of these fixed up by one of the concerns who make displays for restaurants and soda fountains out of artificial fruit.

For your own satisfaction, simply get your wife to make up a fruit salad in a hollow stem champagne then write and tell us just what you think of the idea.

Yours Truly

It was, and remains, an innovative use of Hollow Stem Champagnes. I would try it, but have none in my collection. If any of the Crystal Ball readers have such items available, do try serving fruit salad in this manner and share your thoughts (and photos) with us through the Crystal Ball, on the appearance and how it was received.