Caprice Update - Punch Bowl !

by Phyllis Smith
Issue No. 147 - July 1985

Many years ago, possibly as many as ten (probably more likely twelve), we visited an Antique shop in Cambridge, Ohio, and had the Caprice Punch bowl rare opportunity to see a Caprice Punch bowl "in person," as the saying goes! Unfortunately, at that time, we had no idea we were looking at what would turn out to be such a rare and unusual item.

Being relatively new to the collecting game and for reasons I'd really rather not "fess" up to at this time (the word "stupid" does come to mind), we passed up this bowl with its $100 price tag, telling ourselves that surely we would be able to buy one later at a more reasonable price! HA! Famous last words! From that moment to this ... we've never seen another Caprice Punch bowl "in person!"

In all the information we have on Caprice, we have never found a picture of this Punch bowl, so we were particularly thrilled when we received the following letter and the photos of the punch bowl from the McNabb's.

"Dear Phyllis, Since the #478 Caprice Punch bowl is rarely seen and to our knowledge never pictured, we would like to share a photograph of our newly acquired "treasure."

The footed bowl is 15" in diameter and holds 5 quarts. It is pictured sitting on a #30 - 16" plate. Research previously published in the Crystal Ball says that neither punch cups nor an underplate was made specifically for this bowl. It has also been stated that production occurred sometime between September 1953 through the plant closing in June 1954 when Caprice was listed as being produced in crystal only.

Hope the picture reproduces well and does justice to this truly magnificent piece of glass.

Regards, John & Lenora McNabb, Missouri"

John and Lenora ... can never say THANKS enough for sharing your punch bowl with all of us ... Oh yes, just so you will know that we have learned something these past ten or so years, just felt I should tell you ... the very next time we come across a Caprice Punch bowl for $100 ... we plan to buy it!