Reissues (continued)

by Phyllis Smith
Issue No. 146 - June 1985

I would like to think that this is NOT going to be a regular feature each month - but as long as we continue to hear of glass being reissued in old Cambridge molds, we must continue to report it to you, our members.

The Boyd's at Crystal Art Glass Company are now making the #1040 3" and #1041 4½" Swans. But, no problem of confusion. They have a nice sized mark molded into the bottom of each swan in the form of a capitol B inside a diamond. The Boyd's are extremely proud of their glass and want everyone to know what they are making and that they put their mark on each piece. So far the swans are being made in yellow and pink colors that are called lemonade and touch-of-pink. Other colors will follow, but all will be marked! They have a few other Cambridge molds such as the 8" hambone ashtray and the large dolphin footed cigarette holder. As they run these items, their mark will be molded into each piece.

We have not had direct contact with Russ Vogelson of Summit Art Glass since last issue, but I have now seen several pieces of his new glass with his mark. It really is very small (about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen), but it does seem to be on every piece, right in the middle of the bottom. Please add these additional items to the list from last month if you are keeping track of what is being issued in Caprice, etc. The same color code applies: light blue (lb), cobalt blue (cb).

    • #14 9 oz. table Tumbler (lb)
    • #120 6½" 2-compartment Relish (lb)
    • #129 6½" Mayonnaise (lb, cb)
    • #167 6" Candy bottom (lb)
    • #C-144 4" Jelly, not flared (lb)
    • #18 4" across, 2" deep Fruit, not flared (lb)
    • #214 3", #215 4", #216 5" Ash Trays (lb)
    • #111 5" Bon Bon (lb)
    • #315 Covered Candy (lb)
    • #24 Sherbet or Compote listed last month in (lb) also in Milk

They are also making a lamp base that we were not sure was Cambridge, but now as it turns out evidently is. It is the Draped Lady figure on a round base that is about an inch high and about 5" in diameter. There is a hole in the base behind the lady for a rod and cord to fit through, thus making the lamp. I have only seen these in crystal, but understand that one was seen in pink and possibly green. Summit is presently making them in light blue.

As promised last month, we will list the molds purchased from Imperial by Robert Wetzel of R. Wetzel Glass Company, Zanesville, Ohio. These molds are not in use at present, but when they are, all items produced will carry one of two different trademarks. The RW or R superposed over the W.

    • Cream & Sugar
    • Custard (punch cup)
    • #253 Cream & Sugar
    • #499 Candlestick (a year before mold will be ready to use)
    • #497 Candlestick (a year of more before mold will be ready to use)
    • #81 Cream
    • #(?) Candy Dish
  • 3500:
    • #15 Individual Cream and Sugar (has already been run in dark blue)
  • 1525:
    • 1" Square Salt Dip
  • 399:
    • Twin Salt Dip
    • At least two salt or pepper shakers. These molds may be modified to make toothpick holders.

Until next month - be sure to do your homework. Get out to a Flea market, look at this new glass, then decide whether of not you want to add some of it to your collection. At least study it so you won't be tricked into paying OLD prices for NEW glass! It's being made and we as collectors need to be able to recognize it when we see it. Now's the time to start. We may not like it - but we do need to know about it!