by Phyllis Smith
Issue No. 145 - May 1985

The dust is beginning to settle a little here in Ohio and things are starting to get back to normal. For the most part, the spirit of cooperation seems to be prevailing here in glass country and we have heard from some of those who have purchased Cambridge molds, with the good news that they intend to try to keep us informed as to what they are making in the Cambridge molds (colors, etc.); and also that they are going to mark their glass reissues in some form. Either with their own trademark or with something that looks like a small bead. We will pass this information along to you as quickly as we can thru the Crystal Ball.

In a telephone conversation with Russ Vogelsong of Summit Art Glass, he informed us that he has run the following Cambridge molds in the following colors. (Color code: light blue (lb), cobalt blue (cb).)

    • #10 10 oz. ftd. Tumbler (lb)
    • #11 5 oz. ftd.Tumbler (lb, cb)
    • #12 3 oz. ftd. Tumbler (lb, cb)
    • #52 ½ lb. Butter & cover (lb)
    • #93 2½" individual Nut Dish (lb, cb)
    • #95 2" 4 ftd. Almond/salt Dip (lb, cb, also rubina, watermelon & sahara gold)
    • * #213 2¾" 3 ftd. Ash Tray or Nut Dish (lb)
    • * #213 2¾" 3 ftd. Ash Tray w/card holder (lb, cb)
    • #38 Cream & Sugar (lb)
  • * = aka Sea Shell #32 & 34
    • #33 4" 3 toed Ash Tray (lb, cb)
    • #80 5" 4 ftd. Mayonnaise bowl (lb)
    • #2 7" Salad Plate (cb)
    • #24 Sherbet or Compote (lb)
    • #105 6" 2 hdl. Mayonnaise (lb)
    • #144 4½" BonBon or Fruit (lb)
  • #3400 LINE:
    • #69 After Dinner Cup (lb)
    • #71 3" Individual Nut (lb, cb)
    • #74 5" Comport (lb)
  • #3500 LINE:
    • #151 4½" Tray (lb)
  • SWANS:
    • #1042 6½" (lb, cb, also in rubina & amberina)
    • #1042 8½" (lb, cb)
    • #1115 11" Bashful Charlotte w/#3 fine rlbbed base (cb)
    • #849 8½" Draped Lady w/oval fine rlbbed base (will be making in lb in June)

Unfortunately I have not yet seen a piece of this reissue glass, so I can only give you a secondhand description of what the Summit mark is like. According to Russ, it is a small bead in the center of the bottom of each piece. It extends outward so that it can be easily seen and felt. I understood Russ to say that it is his intention to mark every piece in this manner from now on. The cobalt Bashful Charlotte is marked with a V inside a circle that is located near the upper right-hand corner of the patent mark on the inside of the base. He has discontinued using this mark.

For our members who collect Rosepoint, we don't have much in the way of information, but we have received a letter from the folks at Lancaster Colony and we will pass the contents of same on to you. It is from George P. Wood, Corporate Products, Coordinator of Ceramics, Lancaster Colony Corporation, dated February 26, 1985. It said in part:

"From the start our interests were and are to obtain the #3121 and #3500 stem line molds as well as all of the Rosepoint etching plates. We want to control that etching pattern! Therefore, we are unwilling to consider parting with any of these plates at the present time even for educational purposes. We do understand, appreciate and applaud the efforts that your group does in the preservation and study of Cambridge Glass."

These are the only facts that we have on this subject. When we hear further, we will pass it along. In the meantime, they do have the etching plates and the two molds. Whether or not they will ever use them is a very large question.

We had a phone call from Robert Wetzel of R. Wetzel Glass Company, Zanesville, Ohio. He too has purchased several Cambridge molds and wants to share this information with us. I am running short on space this month so I hope you will forgive me if I wait until next month to list Bob's molds. He is not using them at present, but when he does he assures us that he intends to mark every piece with one of his two trademarks. One is RW and the second is the the R superposed over the W.

We have not had direct contact with 0. J. Scherschligt of Mirror Images, but we have seen his advertisements for the #518 8½" Draped Lady with the #3 fine rlbbed base. This item is being produced for 0. J. by Viking Glass in both ruby and ruby carnival. I do not know if these are marked in any manner.

The Boyd's of Crystal Art Glass have acquired a small number of Cambridge molds and they have assured us that every piece will bear their trademark.

In the meantime, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! To quote our good friend Nora Koch, Editor of the Depression Glass Daze, "You'll never know what's old ... until you know what's NEW!"