Museum - FREE and CLEAR !

by Phyllis Smith
Issue No. 144 - April 1985

Museum final payment

Pictured in the photo above are (left to right): NCC Secretary Janice Hughes, NCC President Willard Kolb, NCC Museum Chairman Bill Harbaugh, Helen and Henry Fijalkowski, NCC Board Member Marybelle Moorehead, and NCC Treasurer Bill Smith.

CAMBRIDGE (March 16, 1985)
Red-letter day for members of National Cambridge Collectors, Inc.
Pay Off Made on Museum Property!

Members of the Board of Directors of NCC, Inc., met with former owners, Henry and Helen Fijalkowski, to make the final payment on the Museum building and surrounding land. A check in the amount of $44,340.55 was presented to the Fijalkowski's, which "paid in full" the four-year mortage on the Museum.

President Kolb's comments (in his monthly Crystal Ball column):

"The monies for this purpose had been invested in Treasury notes for several years at a higher rate of interest than that on our mortgage. We had the option to renegotiate periodically with the seller, and since the mortgage rate and our investment rate difference was gaining us from two to three percent a year, we chose not to pay off until now, when the two rates are almost identical. Confusing? What I am saying is that it is no longer to our benefit not to pay the mortgage off."

"We now own our Museum, property and much more, and we are going to continue to grow and be the best . . . thanks to all of you! "

Webmaster's Note: The following photographs illustrate the progress of the first National Museum of Cambridge Glass. They come from the 20th Anniversary issue of the Crystal Ball, April 1993. It seemed appropriate to also place them here, to celebrate the mortgage payoff.

Old Restaurant Museum 1985 Storage Building