Be Aware of These Re-issues!

by Bill Smith
Issue No. 143 - March 1985

The February issue of Glass Review features a cover of five "New Cambridge Glass!" items made from original molds recently purchased by Russ Vogelsong of Summit Art Glass. It was reported by Glass Review Editor Barbara Shaeffer that "So far, the Vogelsong trademark, a V in a circle, has not been added to any of the new moulds and the Westmoreland, Imperial and Cambridge trademarks have not been removed. Russ says he eventually will add his logo to each mould." Hopefully future items will carry his trademark.


The five items were: The 8½" Swan; the 11" Bashful Charlotte with the #3 (fine ribbed) base; the Sea Shell #33 4" 3-toed ashtray; the Caprice #213 2¾" 3-toed ashtray with card holder; and the #3400/71 3" individual nut dish. These were all in a dark transparent blue that is very similar to Cambridge's Royal Blue. I think that it is somewhat darker in tone, but still a potentially confusing item for novice collectors.

It is our understanding that Summit Art Glass has also obtained several other very nice molds such as the Dolphin candlestick with the square base, the #3011 (nude) candlestick; the Flying Lady bowl and the small Buddha.

The Fenton Company has purchased approximately fifty Imperial and Cambridge molds which include some from the Everglade line and some Caprice vases (these will be marked if used); Lancaster-Colony has reserved the #3121 and #3500 stem lines along with the Rosepoint etching plates and they have reserved the Dresden Lady for use by their Tiara Division; The Cambridge Arms have been sold, but destination unknown at this time; and a couple of molds have gone to Boyd's Crystal Art Glass, who state that they will impress their mark on every piece!

To quote an old adage, "You win some, and you lose some." We feel that we are winning a fair share for NCC and hope that our "losers" do not create too many problems for the Cambridge collectors or their collection.