Recent Reissues

by Phyllis Smith 
Issue No. 139 - November 1984

We have received information from the Summit Art Glass Company, owned and operated by Russ and Jo Ann Vogelsong which states that they Summit Art Glass swan have produced glass in two old Cambridge Glass Company molds during the past two months. The pieces produced were the Caprice 2" 4-toed salt dip and the 6½" swan. Both pieces were issued in several colors.

It is felt that quoting directly from the promotional literature issued by Summit Art Glass Company will best answer any questions our members might have concerning these reissues.

"You will notice on the price sheet a 6½" Swan and a 4 toed Caprice salt dip listed that will seem new to you, here is the reason. As most of you are aware the Imperial Glass Corporation went bankrupt and has been ordered to liquidate. Prior to this court order Imperial officials believed the courts would allow them to continue to operate in Chapter 11 (this is a phase of bankruptcy where a company can continue to operate without having to liquidate itself.) It was at this time Russ negotiated with Imperial officials to test in actual production 2 molds from the old Cambridge Glass Co. The 6½" Swan mold and the 2" round 4 toed Caprice salt dip. These items are listed in the price sheet. The molds were returned to Imperial. Whether these molds will ever return to Summit Art Glass in not known."

The accompanying Retail Price List indicated the 6½" swan was produced in Rubina and Amberina. (Priced at $18 each.)

Summit Art Glass salt dip The Caprice 2" 4-toed salt dip (Cambridge called them an "almond") was produced in Rubina, Watermelon, Sahara Gold and Cobalt. (Priced at $5 each.)

It is our understanding that these items bear no markings of any kind.

Our THANKS to the Vogelsongs for sending us this information concerning the use of these old Cambridge Glass Company molds. It is our hope that they will continue to keep us informed.