Combined Glass Clubs Hold Meeiing

by Deb Pugliese
N.D.G.A. Board Member
Issue No. 134 - June 1984

On March 31, 1984, at 12:05 PM, the first meeting of the National glass collectors clubs took place at the Shenandoah Inn, Mt. Washington, Ohio. Four clubs were represented:

  1. Heisey Collectors of America, Inc., represented by Tom Bredehoft, President
  2. National Cambridge Collectors, Inc., represented by Willard Kolb, President and Janice Hughes, Secretary.
  3. Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America, Inc., represented by Ferill Jean Rice, Secretary.
  4. National Depression Glass Association, Inc., represented by LeRoy Sanders, President and Debra Pugliese, Board Member.

Other clubs invited but not present were:

  1. Fostoria Glass Society of America, Inc.
  2. National Duncan Glass Society.
  3. Imperial Glass Collectors Society.

It was discussed that there were many ways that our clubs could work together to benefit each of us. Among these topics:

  1. A uniform application blank on which each club is listed and their logo appears. This can cut down on newsletter space and advertising costs.
  2. An agreement to try to plan individual conventions on dates not interfering with one another.
  3. To work on passing legislation to make it mandatory that companies mark all reproduction glass.
  4. To begin preparations on producing video tape presentations on all-glass patterns that the individual collector could purchase.
  5. Plans for an all-glass convention to be held in the Ohio area using a large building housing all clubs. Possibilities for this are endless.
  6. Plans for an all glass museum containing glass from all companies. Small museums across the country are closing because of lack of financial aid and the type of help that larger museums are receiving from our government. If the clubs could work together on this, so much more could be done to help preserve our beautiful and valuable glass and its heritage.

Everyone present was pleased that the clubs had finally started to work together instead of against one another. It was comforting to know that the problems one club faces seems to be or have been the same problems faced by all. We then agreed that we would present these ideas to our respective Boards and members. We would like feedback on members' feelings so as to acquire new ideas for inter-Club cooperation.

Also, it was decided that the three carnival glass clubs and the cut glass club should be invited to any future meetings. At 3:30 PM the meeting closed. There was a warm feeling of satisfaction for what had been accomplished.