Another Surprise

by Phyllis Smith
Issue No. 131 - March 1984

It always seems to take me by surprise when I discover something "new" that has actually been right under my nose all the time!

Decagon Cream/Sugar/Tray I was "surprised" again this month when Bill brought home another package for me to try and guess its contents by feeling it thru the wrapping paper.  As you have probably figured out by now, the package contained a pair of the Decagon #1095 cream and sugar, but without the holder.  They are crystal with no decoration of any kind.  Nothing to really get too excited about.

Decagon Cream/Sugar/Tray The exciting part came when I discovered that this set comes with three different handle styles.  Our pair is what I have named Style #2.  All three styles are shown in the NCC 1930-34 catalog reprint.  Style #1 is shown on page 20; Style #2 on page 31-17; and Style #3 on page 32-9.  They evidently changed the style every year.  These sets were produced with several different cuttings and etchings... and in the Cambridge colors of that time period.  

I realize that this in not earth shattering news, but I thought perhaps you would find it as interesting as I did.  I had always been aware of the Decagon cream and sugar with the "lightening bolt" handles, but I had never bothered to notice the little changes in them as shown in the catalog.  I have looked at... but not seen these sets many times.

All three styles are shown as #1095 Cream & Sugar sets in the NCC 1930-34 catalog reprint.