Notes on Caprice Ice Bucket and Cracker Jar

by Mark Nye
Issue No. 116 - December 1982

When found with the lid, there is no problem identifying the Caprice #202 cracker jar bottom. However, even an experienced Cambridge collector might have difficulty in determining whether a piece was the ice bucket of cracker jar bottom if the lid was missing, especially if the person had never seen both pieces before.

Caprice ice bucket and cracker jar There is a definite difference between the two pieces and it is the diameter or width across the top of the items. Based on this, there is a simple way to distinguish between the two that does not require a formal measuring devise. All you have to remember is that the cracker jar base is larger across than the ice bucket. How do you measure without a tape or ruler? This is accomplished by using any piece of American currency such as a one-dollar bill. The cracker jar is exactly the width of a dollar bill while the ice bucket is much smaller. Actual dimensions are a width of 6¼" for the cracker jar base and 5 1/8" for the ice bucket.

The #201 ice bucket was a part of the Caprice line from the beginning. While I have no documented proof the cracker jar was a part of the original Caprice grouping, I believe it was. Both items came from the same mold with the ice bucket manually flared to produce the cracker jar bottom.

The cover used for the cracker jar is the same one used for the covered candy dishes and it will not fit on the ice bucket. Hence if you find a bottom with a cover that fits, you can also be assured you have the actual cracker jar.

The cracker jar and the ice bucket appear in the 1940 catalog but by 1949 only the ice bucket is shown and it continued in the Caprice line until the final plant closing. To my knowledge, Imperial did not resume production of the ice bucket when they issued a Caprice line.

Both the ice bucket and cracker jar were listed in the 1940 price list as being available in the standard Caprice colors of crystal and Moonlight Blue, plain or in Alpine. In addition, the ice bucket was also made in La Rosa Pink, plain and Alpine.