The Unusual in Cambridge Glass

by Lynn Welker
Issue No. 107 - March 1982

Frog Vase Frog Vase
A Frog vase, similar to the Handled Frog vase pictured in the NCC 1930-34 Catalog, page 33-20. The one without the handle as shown in the photo is earlier style and has much texture or wart detail all over the body. It stands 8½" - 9" tall, with no detail on front side except on arms and legs. It has been seen in forest green and ebony and was probably also made in amethyst. The top opening is ground and polished. The earlier style has not been seen with a handle and the later style always has a handle. The later style has been reported in amber.

Everglades Candlesticks Everglades candlesticks
A #2 Everglades 1 lite candlestick in pink opalescent, possibly experimental. Several other items have been seen in this color, including #3 2 lite candlesticks, #10 1 lite candlesticks and the #41 comport, all in the Everglades pattern which was probably made in the 1930's. The color closely resembles Duncan Miller's pink opalescent and is extremely good quality glass with lots of fire. One is also known in white opalescent.

Buddhas Cambridge Buddhas
These were made in the 1920's. The large on one the left stands 7¾" tall. These are very hard to find. Some have a flat base like the one pictured. Others have a large screw-in thread under the base which fits into metal lamp parts or an unusual Cambridge flower frog with metal threads. They have been seen in peachblo, emerald (light) and amber.

The smaller one on the right stands 5½" - 6" tall depending on whether the round pedestal under the base is intact. These were sold as bookends or to lamp companies for fitting into lamp parts. Several different styles of lamps have been seen, most with some sort of Oriental décor on them. This size is easier to find than the large size. The colors known are crystal, peachblo, emerald (light), bluebell, blue II, amber and topaz.