"Near-Cut" Patterns: Lotus Design

by Phyllis Smith
Issue No. 98 - June 1981

Information concerning this exquisite design produced by the Cambridge Glass Co. seems to be as hard to find as a piece of the glass itself! But finding a piece is truly worth the search, as it is breath taking to behold.

Nearcut Lotus pattern Our research through dusty volumes of China, Glass and Lamps, and Crockery and Glass Journal have turned up precious little information on the Lotus pattern. However, we do believe that it is possible that it was first produced as early as 1904.

In the April 1906 issue of China, Glass and Lamps, we came upon the following information. The headline read "Near Cut Glass - Clear Cut Booklet" and continued as follows:

"No better booklet has ever been gotten out of the trade than the ten-page illustrated price list devoted to the Lotus line of pressed table ware made by the Cambridge Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio. The dealer is often confused by the many good designs now offered him. The cuts shown of this easy, rapid selling line are in excellent taste and have an originality all their own. It is not strange that the ware obtained the highest premium award at the St. Louis World's Fair."

Since the St. Louis World's Fair was held in 1904, we may assume the above award was presented to the Cambridge Glass Company for their Lotus Design, even though we have found no direct reference to the Lotus pattern until January 25, 1906, when a notation in the Crockery and Glass Journal simply states that:

"Thos. G. Edge has received more samples of the new lines of the Cambridge Glass Co., including the 'Lotus' their latest and best. It is an imitation cut glass pattern of a very high order."

Very few pieces of this lovely pattern have been found. The plate shown here is 8½" across and is very heavy, weighing one and a half pounds. It is marked NEAR CUT but the mark is off center. Several other pieces may be seen in Welker's Catalog Reprint 1, page 112.