3011 Figure Stem Line - Non-production pieces

by Janice Hughes & Lynn Welker
Issue No. 103 - November 1981

None of the items below are listed in any catalog. Most of these items were not in production. They may be mistakes or possibly something workers made on the side.

UNFINISHED NUDE BRANDY (see figure 1) - The nude is 4" (smallest nude). The overall height is approximately 7½".

UNFINISHED NUDE COCKTAIL (see figure 2) - The nude is 4" (smallest nude). The top width is 1 7/8". The length of bowl is 3¼". The overall height is approximately 7¾".

HOCK (see figure 3 left) - The nude is 6" (largest nude). The top width of bowl is 2¾". The length of bowl is 2¼". It holds 6 oz.. The overall height is 9".

COCKTAIL (see figure 3 right) - The nude is 4½" (middle size nude). The top width of bowl is 2¾". The bowl length is 2". It holds 3 oz. The overall height is 7¼".

LARGE BRANDY (see figure 4) - The nude is 4" (smallest nude). The top width of bowl is 2½". The length of bowl is 3". It holds 6 oz. The overall height is 7 3/8".

unfinished bud vase unfinished cocktail Several unfinished nudes are known. They still have part of what is called the "knock off." This is extra glass originally poured into the mold before the nude is finished. The correct procedure would have been to determine the correct height of the bowl, sear it with a small flame at the correct place, knock off the extra glass and then polish and, or, fire polish the rim.

The unfinished brandies (left) that are known do not have a finished top of any sort; they have the original "knock off" top on them. The ones known are amethyst. These could be found in any of the colors in which the brandy is known.

The unfinished cocktail (right) is known in ebony body with crystal top and foot and amethyst top with crystal body and foot. These have had the "knock off" polished down to form a rose bowl shaped top. There is no reason why these could not be found in other colors the cocktail was made in. Any of these would be considered very rare.

The next two items (lower left) are nudes that have a larger than normal stem on them. The hock glass is known in topaz and has the next larger size nude for a stem (it is usually on the 4½" stem). The cocktail is known in carmen crackle. oversized brandy All of the carmen crackle cocktails have had the larger (4½") size nude than the one normally found on the cocktail (4"). However, nude crackle cocktails in other colors have been seen on the regular odd size stems size stem. Again, there is a possibility that other nudes like this one exist in other colors.

The large brandy (6 oz.) (right) is definitely not a production item. It is known in all crystal and has a large brandy snifter type top. It was originally bought from a Cambridge Glass Co. worker's collection. At this time, no other example is known.

All of these items are considered very rare and desirable. There is always a possibility with hand made stemware that other unusual or one-of-a-kind examples may exist. If you know of any such examples, please let us know so we can share with everyone.