The Everglade Line

by Phyllis Smith
Issue No. 103 - November 1981

Another interesting sidelight concerning this Everglade pattern is contained in an article written by Russell Vogelsong, (C.B. #52, pg. 11). He tells us that during a conversation he held with Mary Martha Mitchell, former secretary to A.J. Bennett, she explained that the Buffalo Hunt Scene pattern was copied from a Frederic Remington painting and that it took over nine months to complete. She also explained that it did not sell and was discontinued shortly after its introduction. "Mary Martha added that she believed it was thirty years too soon for public acceptance," said Russ. This short production period explains why it is in such short supply today, and hence makes it even more desirable to today's collector. You can see this interesting pattern on page 33-27 of the NCC Catalog Reprint.

Advertisement for Arcadia The May issue of House and Garden magazine contained an advertisement (C.B. #70, pg. 6) which proclaimed "The New ARCADIA" by the Cambridge Glass Company. The prose contained in the ad read as follows, "Leaves of Ice Crystal Engrave Their Beauty on New and Lovely Shapes ... Latest expression of America's supremacy in glassmaking. Arcadia combines freshness and originality of form with an entirely new decorative treatment of finely engraved leaf patterns which give matchless sheen and brilliance to the crystal. Select from more than 50 open-stock pieces - newly displayed in good stores everywhere at prices genuinely modest."

The question has been asked many times "Just what is the difference between the Everglade and Arcadia patterns?" and the answer has to be "Very little, if any difference exists!" The addition to the Arcadia line of such items as: cocktail; wine; 12 oz. footed ice tea; 5 oz. footed tumbler or claret; ice pail with handle; relish plates; bonbon's; candy box with cover; mayonnaise sets and many other items made it seem as though they had indeed come out with a brand new line. But in reality it was just the old Leaf or Everglade pattern with a new and updated look!

All of the advertising information we have found regarding this Arcadia line indicates that it was produced during the mid 1940's, in crystal only. Of course, there are always exceptions to every statement we make (or so it seems), and the exception in this statement is found in an article by Lynn Welker entitled "Cambridge Rainbow" in which he discusses the Cambridge color Violet. (C.B. #49, pg. 3). In this article he states that the "leaf covered candy dish was available in Violet and is one of the most desirable pieces in this color." He further states "Rounding out the pieces of Everglades in Violet are the 6" Sunflower vase, the 10 1/2" Tulip vase and the 5" Leaves vase. You may possibly find other shapes in this pattern and color combination, as most Violet was produced in Everglades."

In rounding out this article, we must not forget to make mention of the fact that pieces of the Everglade pattern are shown on the last few pages of the NCC 1949-53 Catalog Reprint, pgs. W-3, W-5 and W-6, in Milk Glass. An advertisement found in the China, Glass and Decorative Accessories magazine dated April 1954 shows a page of "Milk Glass by Cambridge." Included in this ad is a picture of the Everglade Mug #W93.

Perhaps some of our members have additional information which could be shared concerning the Everglade line. If so, please let us hear from you. This article was prompted by a letter from the California Cambridge Collectors Study Group #5, seeking additional information on the Everglade Line for their Study Group meeting