Caprice Reflector Candleholder

by Phyllis Smith
Issue #92 - December 1980

Sometime in the not too distant past, I have a very distinct memory of someone asking me if I knew if the Caprice Reflector Candleholder was ever made in anything other than Milk Glass. Caprice Reflector Candleholder For the life of me, I cannot remember who it was that asked, or even where I was at the time. Did I have another dream about Cambridge glass (yes, I am afraid that I do dream about this glass - sometimes even in color), or did this really happen to me?

Well, no matter, I have spent considerable time going through everything we have in the way of research material, and I find that the only place this candleholder shows up, is in Bennett's color book, plate 45, row 2, item 3, and it is shown in milk glass.

In our personal research material, I found that in the April, 1941 issue of Crockery & Glass Journal, page 20, that this candlestick was introduced to the trade as being from "the graceful Caprice line at Cambridge Glass Co." and further described as "a shell-like design in one-stick version which would be splendid for informal table settings". I am sorry that our information is a xerox copy and of such poor quality that it cannot be reproduced here. The little cut-out picture we are attempting to reproduce for you is taken from a xerox copy of a supplimental page added to the 1940's catalog and dated June 1941.

Back to the original question, my answer is yes, these beautiful candleholders were produced in something other than milk glass. I would assume it safe to state that they were produced in both crystal and moonlight blue, and could have been produced in any of the other colors being used during the time frame 1941 to the close of the factory.

These are the only three references to this reflector candleholder I have been able to find. If anyone out there has anything else on this, please let us hear from you.